MOTAŞ Receives Quality Certificates

MOTAŞ received Quality Certificates:: We Have Certified Our Quality MOT
Malatya Transportation Inc. which carries out the public transportation of Malatya. (MOTAŞ) has meticulously certified its quality of service.
The General Manager of MOTAŞ, Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, stated that they have given quality management training to their employees within the framework of the change they initiated since their inauguration; Toplu We have documented the quality of our public transport service that we carry out in accordance with our human-oriented business policy, “he said.
Lar As the institutions solve their problems, they try to establish their units separately. But the institution needs to be removed from this mess. Because a scattered structure often prevents focusing on the whole. This is where the Integrated Management System, which makes your organization operational and takes over all your goals at once. It is difficult to conclude dozens of management systems when managing a business, but achieving it will be beneficial in many ways for your organization, as well as reducing costs and disruption of external audits.
The Integrated Management System is a set of systems that are created by bringing together the multiple management systems of the institutions. Instead of solving problems separately, systems can be approached and solved in many ways.
Companies that implement the Integrated Management System adopt four objectives;

Human happiness (total quality approach),
Cost approach (prevention and measurement cost),
Stakeholder approach (coexistence) and
PDCA approach (continuous improvement).
Ü We Provided Change and Transformation “
We have planned the Integrated Management System in order to carry out the mission we have installed as the company with maximum efficiency and minimum loss. As a result of the basic trainings given by a private company that we agreed to in this framework, we went to documentation studies.
The working area of ​​the personnel was physically overhauled, hygiene rules were complied with all details within the scope of healthy working conditions, air circulation was sufficient and the office materials were made suitable for health. Integrated management system integration was ensured by making necessary arrangements to ensure the safe working environment.
Throughout the year, the staff were regularly trained by the expert trainers on Integrated Management System.
- ISO 9001 (Quality Standard),
- ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard),
- OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard) trainings have been completed and employees have approved the Quality Management System by seeing the awareness of the Integrated Management System. As a result of our efforts for a year, we have received our necessary documents. All the conditions required by the documents we receive while carrying out the public transport service will be preserved and even further developed. We will further increase our service quality and continue to show the necessary sensitivity to occupational health and safety as our environmental awareness progresses at the maximum level ”


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