Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line, the world's most advanced system is implemented

The most advanced system in the world is implemented in the Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line: The Alaaddin-Adliye Rail System Line, built by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, was the most advanced system in the world.

Mayor Tahir Akyurek, according to the historical texture of the tram lines working as a catamarans operating in certain regions with vehicles, green tissue is progressing, he said. President Akyurek, great interest until the 31 October will be free until October, he said.

The tram, which uses the first city in Konya, Anatolia, the municipality's current even extra-judiciary as Aladdin Systems Rail Line which launched the first attracts attention by hosting system in Turkey. Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that they added 23 on-campus tram line in 2007 to Alaaddin-Selçuk University Rail System Line which has been actively used for 3,5 years in Konya. arrives at the 59 mileage as the arrival. President Akyürek emphasized that they have improved the 6,5 level crossings in the existing rail system line, renewed the vehicles with the last model 72 tram, and pulled the old trams from the expedition.

Emphasizing that there are no poles and wires in the historical region in order for the Alaaddin-Courthouse line, which passes through the Mevlana Culture Valley, to be in accordance with the historical texture of the city, President Akyürek said that they have been using the most advanced system in the world in this region. President Akyürek said, “Our 12 trams without catenary are in service in the historical region. Our trams operate without a catenary between Alaaddin and the Monument to the Martyrs of the War of Independence. Again in this area, our line operates together with vehicle traffic. Grass was laid in certain parts of the line after the Mevlana Tomb. A very important lifeblood to our city. kazanwe went,” he said.

Alaaddin-Adliye line of the Seljuk region and the Karatay region with the rail system, exactly meeting President Akyürek, the 31 attracted great interest until October, will be free, he said. Thanks to the patience of the region's shopkeepers and citizens due to the patience they showed during the construction of the tram line, President Akyürek wished the line to be beneficial.

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