The lowest bid for the extension of the Warsaw Metro extension was given by Turkish Gulermak

Lowest Bid For Warsaw Metro Extension Tender Made By Türk Gülermak: Companies submitted their bids for the tender for the extension of Warsaw metro, the capital of Poland. Five companies submitted bids for the western section of the Warsaw metro and four companies for the eastern section. The construction of the planned second line includes 6 stations.

The lowest bid for the construction of the western part of the line was offered 1,15 billion zloty for the eastern part of the 260 billion zloty (about 1,066 million euros). The lowest bid was submitted by the Turkish company Gülermak (5 billion zloty) from the 1,15 company, which is offering a bid for the Western section. The highest bid was given by Metrostav Polan SA, with the 1,8 billion zloty.

For the eastern part of the line, the lowest bid was given by Italian company Astaldi SpA (1,066 billion zloty), while the highest bid was by Budimex SA with 1,83 billion zloty.

3,4 km for the western part of the line, and the new section for the eastern part of the 3,12 km will be built. The contract will be finished after the 38 month after the contract is signed according to the terms of the tender.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:34

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