Domestic Crankshaft for Domestic Engine

Domestic Crankshaft for Domestic Engine: Currently, Oyak Renault, which is preparing to produce the 5 millionth vehicle, is continuing its move to increase the localization rate of 2008 dci diesel engines, which were started to be produced in 1,5. In this context, the launch of the crankshaft, which is one of the most important parts of the engine to crank processing investment in Turkey in order to produce 2013 and 2014 went into series production in the year.
Turkey's first car crankshaft forging production with collaboration of the hook and Oyak Renault team in this process, too, was commissioned by the hook in a fully automated robotic line.
With this project, which has been the product of significant incentives given in recent years to reduce the current account deficit in our country, the annual import of Euro 20.000.000 has been prevented.
In the Turkish automotive industry, Oyak-Renault is the only company that manufactures engines, gearboxes, front / rear wheels, engine cradles and chassis components. Oyak-Renault Automobile Factories, founded in 1969 and put into operation after two years, is today the largest subsidiary of Renault in other than Western Europe. Oyak Renault, consisting of body-assembly and mechanical-chassis factories and an international logistics center, is one of the Renault Group's worldwide 38 production centers. The annual 360 is capable of producing thousand cars and 450 thousand engines. Oyak-Renault, with its new Clio, Fluence and Mégane HB models, produces the motor and mechanical parts of these cars and exports the 80 of the production.
Oyak Renault Automobile Factory, 1999 years, taking the new generation with a new engine production line for the manufacture of circuit K engine environmentalists had begun to produce the first environmentally friendly engines in Turkey. 10 and 8 with 1.4 valves, 1.6 with 16 valves, 1.4 with 1.6 valves and 19 next generation XNUMX engines, Renault XNUMX, Megane, Symbol, Clio and New Renault Symbols produced by Oyak Renault, France, Spain, Slovenia, Colombia, Argentina Kangoo, Clio, Mégane in Malaysia, or Logans produced in Romania and Iran.
In the 2008 with the commissioning of Turkey's first diesel car motoruxnumx dCi diesel engine production Oyak Renault Automobile Factory has signed today the production of more environmentally friendly engine 1.5 million.

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