Safe Bike Routes Practice Guide and Vision Development Workshop in Istanbul

Safe Bicycle Roads in Istanbul and Vision Development Workshop Practical Guide: EMBARQ Turkey, continues to work for bicycle transport in the city and people-oriented solutions.

EMBARQ Turkey; 15 September 2014 is organizing the Vision Development Workshop on Safe Bike Routes Implementation Guide in Istanbul on Monday.

Emphasizing the importance of sustainable transport within the scope of urban transportation of bicycles, to be integrated into the bike's transport system, the creation of safe bicycle transportation infrastructure in our city came under the influence of private vehicle traffic in order to draw attention to the need EMBARQ Turkey "Safe Bicycle Roads in Istanbul Implementation Guide Vision Development Workshop" is held.

EMBARQ by Turkey, Istanbul Development Agency, which is prepared with Direct Business Support "Safe Bicycle Roads Implementation Guide in Istanbul" and evaluating the existing bicycle path improvements are targeted to contribute to the work of local governments. In the process, the problems, needs and expectations of these people will be learned through the survey study to be applied to bicycle users. Subsequently, new safe bicycle paths in addition to the existing routes will be presented to the responsible institutions and organizations as implementation and policy recommendations. In the workshop where safe bicycle transportation will be discussed; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Directorate, Ministry of Health Public Health Institution, CONSIA Consultancy, which provides consultancy on road safety audits from Denmark, OECD - Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, EVONIK, manufacturer of safe road markers from Germany, BKK Center for Budapest Transport (BKK Budapest Transportation Center) and EMBARQ will be expert speakers to share information from Turkey.

Workshop on Development of Safe Bike Routes in Istanbul Vision Development Workshop, 15 September 2014 will be held on Monday at 09.30 in Istanbul Studio - X, and will be open to the participation of local authorities and civil society organizations working on the subject, especially in Istanbul city transportation. .

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EMBARQ Turkey Project Manager Judy Buns Öztaş: "NGO representatives participated in the workshop, municipal authorities and other relevant institutions / organizations officials will see examples of good practice in different cities and scale. They will also find an environment in which they can look at their needs and shortcomings from different angles. On the other hand, they will have the opportunity to develop their vision on the subject by interacting with the other participants. Thanks to this workshop, the participants will meet national and international participants and get the opportunity to work in different projects. Katılım


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