President Erdoğan, Kim Ne Derse Desin Kanal Istanbul

President Erdogan, who said what course to get to Istanbul Channel Bits: President Erdogan, Turkey's 'crazy project' final point about the Canal Istanbul laid. . Oh, dear, there are those who said. Channel will be in Istanbul. No matter what anyone says, we will do Kanal Istanbul yap

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the Urban Transformation and Smart Cities Congress organized by SABAH at Haliç Congress Center. Stating that TOKI had built only 2002 thousand residences until the end of 43, Erdogan said that now it has reached 710 thousand residences:

“At that time, I said our target was 500 thousand. Everyone approached this with sarcasm. They said, 'Come on dear, how are you going to do it? We have exceeded 500 thousand thanks. Now it has a second target of 2023 thousand by 500. Now we have exceeded this target and we hope that we will go towards a figure of one million 200 thousand, not one million in total. Because there is Channel Istanbul. When it is built, both sides of Kanal Istanbul have to make a difference with the residences worthy of Istanbul's glory. There were those who always said 'okay dear' to this. The channel will be Istanbul. We will make Canal Istanbul. We will do whatever they say.

HORIZONTAL ARCHITECTURAL HIGHLIGHT: It is time for us to move from vertical to horizontal construction. For example, I told my friends around Kanal Istanbul, I say, 'Vertical architecture should not be allowed around Kanal Istanbul'. Currently, my Minister of Environment and Urbanization is here, and I also spoke with the Minister of Transport that I think that the Canal will add a different atmosphere and a different beauty to Istanbul. I see the necessary steps to be taken in this direction in Ankara, Istanbul and even in other cities. Tens of kilometers away from the city centers, 30-storey and 40-storey buildings rise in the middle of quite large empty spaces. This is not acceptable. Smart city probably does not mean tall buildings.

NO PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE ROAD: Our city centers have been so invaded by buildings and vehicles that there is almost no place for people. The main thing is people. We will prepare opportunities for people. Pedestrian roads, bicycle paths… For example, the bicycle paths of our Istanbul are almost nonexistent, they are zero.


Reminding that it was said 'cannot be done' for the Marmaray project before, President Erdoğan emphasized the crazy projects realized in Istanbul: Likewise, Marmaray. 'No dear, it cannot be done.' We said it will, we finished, and look, it has been about three years. Currently, the number of people passing through Marmaray has reached 130 million. This is the case. Now, by the end of this year, I hope the Eurasia Tunnel is ending and will be opened. With the rail system, Istanbulites and earthlings passed through here. Now they will pass by their vehicles. They will leave Ahırkapı, from the section behind Haydarpaşa High School. Now hopefully we're catching it here. Why all this? Istanbul's transportation should be more comfortable. I hope we are trying to raise Yavuz Sultan Bridge on August 26th. As soon as the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge opens on August 26, heavy vehicles will no longer be able to pass through the first and second bridges, all of them will rust and pass through there, and thus a relief in Istanbul transportation will occur.


President Erdoğan emphasized 'historical building' to the representatives of the construction sector: I have been insisting that all the projects I had the opportunity to deal with should be designed in accordance with Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. Presidential Complex is one of the best examples of this. There are three basic principles. There are Seljuks, Ottomans and smart architecture.


Turkey now has a prosperous country. In the past, a vehicle was used to account for one apartment, not a vehicle, but two, three vehicles. I address the mayors; If you don't fit under the house then you have to have floor parking lots in that neighborhood. You're gonna give up your own land, build a parking garage. He'il take his neighborhood car there.


President Erdogan, demolished in Turkey again to do that more than 6 million residential, in 48 provinces so far, the area was declared a risk zone 179, has said that the scope of urban transformation. He announced that the resource used to date, including rent benefits, for urban transformation applications has reached 2 billion lira.



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