Overpasses in Ascension

Overpasses in Düzce Now Asaraclu: 8 personality camera elevators, which will facilitate the transition of disabled and elderly people, will be important in terms of public order. A video phone connection to the White Table number 153 will also be available.
Mayor Mehmet Keles, who spoke at the ceremony where the elevators made by the General Directorate of Highways in Düzce were built by Düzce Municipality, said ler 6 will serve all the citizens of the elevator, especially our disabled citizens and elderly citizens Düz.
Keles pointed out that there is a nice service that will allow crossing of the elevators. Geç Elderly people, children and disabled people who could not use the overpass were having difficulty to cross this area. These elevators will facilitate crossings of our citizens. I hope this lift will serve our citizens in Düzceli for many years. Similarly, we built 3 grain lifts on the 6 overhead cross-section. 6 elevator will serve all flat people, especially our disabled and elderly citizens, asansör he said.
Referring to the technical specifications of the elevators, President Keles said, eden We used domestic products. Our Turkish lifts have the feature of stopping to take off for security purposes when the power is cut off. He won't let me down. The firm authorized it. We provide camera surveillance. Risky situations can be detected in the elevator, sabotage, attack, technical intervention will have the chance to see. In terms of public order, the cameras will be important. As
153 numbered white table for emergency situations, the video phone connection can be provided President Mehmet Keles pointed out, 8'er person lifts, especially for the disabled and the elderly wished to be thankful to everyone who contributed to the construction.
Mayor Ali İhsan Su wished his good service to meet the citizens and wished for auspicious auspiciousness. In these elevators, important service will be provided to elderly, elderly, disabled citizens. I would like to thank everyone, especially our president who gained this beautiful service to our city, erk he said.
Following the speeches, the elevators in the upper passage at the Kervan Location were opened.

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