3.Havella construction of the lake waters are discharged to the Black Sea

3.Hydranan construction of the lake waters are discharged to the Black Sea: 70 lake in Istanbul, the third airport construction site, the channel is opened to the Black Sea by opening the channel. Experts, water problems due to drought in Istanbul, these lakes can be re-used after the analysis of the water noted. Hydrogeology Specialist Dr. Murat Ozler, the region's large lakes can be moved to the Terkos Lake with the promotion stations said. İSKİ officials also stated that it is not appropriate to use the waters in the region as drinking water.

The work of the third airport project to the north of Istanbul continues uninterruptedly. According to the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the project, which is the largest airport in the world, a significant amount of fill will be needed in the works to be carried out in the region. The report also noted that in addition to filling the quarries in the region, water deposits should be eliminated.

As stated in the EIA report, the lake waters were channeled and started to be discharged to the Black Sea. The depth of the 3 kilometers of the diameter of the 50 exceeds the meter of a lake between the Akpinar pasture and the İmrahor water channel was opened with the work machines began to flow into the Black Sea. The flow of lake water from the channel opened by construction machinery to the sea drew the reaction of the villagers. In the days of the water shortage in Istanbul, the villagers demanded that the lake water be prevented from flowing into the sea in this way.


Experts from the subject also expressed the opinion that the evacuated waters can be reused in the region. Vice Rector of Development University Hydrogeology Specialist Dr. Dr. Murat Özler, coal and stone quarries in the region due to the gaps in the lake filled with rain water over time, he said. It was found that the water in the lakes is far from the economic value but it could be carried to Terkos Lake with the analysis of the clear waters of the lake. Özler said, ş It can only be discharged to the Black Sea. If the waters of these lakes can only be transferred to Terkos Lake, it can make sense. Terkos Lake has a promotion and pumping station. For large lakes, water can be transferred by using a common pumping station. Büyük

Underlining that the quality of water will be decisive in this regard, Özler said, “I think that the water quality is bad in the lakes formed by the filling of coal mines but that the waters in the quarries can be transferred. The right way is to decide whether or not the water will be analyzed, depending on the water quality. Once the reserves have been determined, the decision must be made. I think the largest lakes in the region can have a source of up to 5, which is the maximum requirement of Istanbul. Böl

Citizens living in villages near the lakes are also reacting to the evacuation of the waters to the Black Sea. A local resident named Ahmet Yilmaz said that the lake water has started to be withdrawn for a few weeks. The lake began to pull, the water channel is opened to the sea. The fish living in the lake is going to the sea like what is there. They slowly give the water to the sea so as not to take the soil away. Top

Hasan Yılmaz, who came to fish, said, Yılmaz They will connect the lake above. They laid the pipes that brought the water. When we asked the authorities working here, they said they would connect the water of the lake in the closed area above. But we don't know what they'll empty for. Ama


Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) officials in the area between Yeniköy and Akpinar villages as much as 70 water or lake drinking water was not suitable to use as expressed. ISKI officials listed the reasons for this as follows: itesi Water quality is not at the water quality level of our existing raw water resources. Water ponds are not upstream. There is no chance to regenerate the water. There is no possibility of transferring water to Terkos Lake with the attraction. There is a need for stations that will upgrade water from ponds to at least 80 meters. It is seen that the total amount of water is approximately 15 million m3 and this water can only be used by 8 million m3. Toplam

Authorities, for these reasons, accumulated in the pits of the quarry water, as a source of water is not feasible assessment noted. X The energy of our corporation is the 2 of the Melen Project. Completion of the stage, where possible, water wells and resources to create resources to use the optimum is spent. "He said.

EIA REPORT: SULAR; Will be used for construction, live life will be NO

The changes in the separate EIA report prepared by 2 have attracted attention. The first report, which was published in April last year, went to the Review Evaluation Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of Permit and Inspection. Following the review of the Commission, 22 prepared the 'Final EIA Report' in April.

In the first report, 70 lakes, ponds and ponds were identified in the area where the airport will be built, while all of these areas were reflected as 'small ponds'. In the first report, detailed information about the lake areas covering the 660 hectare was given. However, in the final EIA report, it was stated that there was a small pond of water with a size of 70, that the waters in these areas would be used during the construction phase, and that the excavation would be filled in and there would be no living lives in these areas.

The report includes the following statements: al Lakes, rivers, groundwater operation sites, project area and close vicinity are available. In the project area there are temporary water ponds with small and small size. Terkos Lake is located in the project area at a distance of 70 in the northwest. In addition, there are many mites and dry streams in the project area and these streams will be filled with excavation and filling material that will lose its natural properties as a result of water works on the ground and land arrangement. These areas and nearby aquatic life and living life will disappear. Bu

In the meantime, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the third airport within the borders of Arnavutköy 7 June Saturday will be the basis.

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