Fast Train Boss is angry with Italian writer

High Speed ​​Bosses are very angry with the Italian author: Ltf company managers and the prosecutor's office are preparing to investigate the Italian writer Erri De Luca because he did not support the high speed train project in Italy.
Ltf, responsible for the project, criticized the high-speed train project planned to be built between the cities of Turin-Lyon, Italy, launched an investigation against Italy's award-winning writer Erri de Luca. In the area called Susa Valley in Piemonte region, High Speed ​​Opponents have been struggling for years with the claim that they will harm the natural environment, local economy and human health. No The protesters in the TAV movement have declared the Turin Prosecutor's Office “terrorist,, and this approach has been discussed by those who have taken care of the natural environment and the regional economy.

In a recent interview with Erri De Luca, he supported the protest of the High Speed ​​Opponents in the Susa Valley and said, it is necessary to understand..

The executives of the Ltf company, which will build the high-speed train project aimed at linking Piemonte's capital, Turin, to Lyon, said they were disturbed by Erri De Luca's words. In Italy, a writer expressed his opinion that he was targeted and initiated an investigation, commenting that a new witch hunt was launched.

Erri De Luca's statement, which claimed high-speed train activists, drew the reaction of not only the executives of the Ltf company, but also of Torelli's prosecutor Caselli, who recently accused activists of being “terrorists..

'Fast Train, unnecessary'
Erri De Luca said that the bosses and prosecutors were aiming for a writer to express his opinion in order to protect the High Speed ​​project, that he was behind the view he defended despite all his intimidation and frightening efforts. he said it was a proper decision to sabotage the project.

Erri De Luca says he visits the Susa Valley frequently, and 5 will travel to the region to support another protest scheduled for October.
Luca, the Italian author whose books have been translated into French, Spanish and English; France Culture, Laure Bataillon and Femina Etranger awards kazanhad been. The author, who is interested in mountaineering, was declared the first mountaineer to overcome 2002b over 8 years old in Grotta dell'Arenauta in Gaeta in 50.

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