Bilecik and Bozuyuk to be made a high-speed train gar auction

📩 27/11/2018 16:28

Bilecik and Bozüyük to be held in the high-speed train station was made but: Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project within the scope of Bilecik and Bozuyuk garments were planned to be made. 9 3 company participated in the tender on Thursday, May learned. 27 Million 500 Thousand TL taken and delivered on the 90 business day of the station, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line, which is the opening date of the 29 October is intended to be trained. If the 3 firm objected to the tender, there might be a delay in the construction of the garage, even if the participation in the tender is expected to be too much, and only the 3 company is involved and the re-construction of the tender on the grounds that it is too low in terms of the tender competition is among the claims.

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