Sincan Çayırhan Istanbul Railway Project Begins

Sincan Çayırhan Istanbul Railway Project Begins: It is now underway for the project of Sincan Çayırhan İstanbul railway, which will take the 6 hour-long Istanbul-Ankara train to 1,5 hours. Ayaş, which is expected to be completed in 5 year and has taken an important stage with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, will start at Çayırhan Esenboğa Airport and HalkalıWith the completion of the project, the high-speed train will follow the following route:

The high speed train from Çayırhan to Mudurnu Valley will reach north of Adapazarı and from there to Kocaeli. The high speed train crossing the Bosphorus is 3. On the Bosphorus Bridge will be provided with the rail system. After the high-speed train crosses the Bosphorus in Istanbul, 3 is under construction in Arnavutköy. Airport, Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece districts Halkalıwill arrive. In this high-speed train project, there will be only two stations in total, one in Sakarya and one in Karakamış.

For the high-speed train project, a budget of six billion seven hundred sixty million four hundred and forty-three hundred and fifty-nine pounds is allocated. The implementation of the project will be completed in three stages. The first phase of the project will be completed with the completion of the Sincan-Adapazarı line. The second phase will be Adapazarı-İstanbul and the 3 stage will be implemented by the MGS company. With the completion of the project in question, it is estimated that the Istanbul-Ankara train transportation will be reduced to 1,5 hours and the high speed train will be a more preferred mode of transportation than the airline, considering the large and comfortable interior design.



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