Recommendations on the Improvement of the Antray Fatih Meydan Railway System

Recommendations on the Improvement of the Antray Fatih Meydan Railway System
1 - pedestrian crossings at the Fatih stop and access to the stop must be provided via the overpass.
When arriving at the 2-Meydan, the trams coming from the Fatih station before going to the station should enter the left platform. (go forward and go back 2,5 min time loss)
3- The signalize level crossing of the Kepezaltı stop must be canceled.
The pedestrian overpass connected to Kepezaltı Station should be constructed at the junction.
From the exit of the 4-Bus Station Tunnel to the Battery Factory, the wire fence must be drawn on the concrete wall.
Pedestrian crossings at 5-Battery Factory Station should be blocked and access to the pedestrian overpass and rail system on Namık Kemal Boulevard should be provided.
Between the 6-Battery Factory and the Weaving Stop, a wire fence must be placed on the concrete wall.
The crossroads between the 7-Battery Factory and the Weaving Stations should be closed at the crossroads where the return to Ziya Gökalp Street is ensured.
The crossroads at the 8-Weaving Junction should be canceled and an overpass should be provided to the intersection to provide access to the Weaving Tram Stop.
9-Oil Industry Junction between Weaving Stop and Çallı Tunnel should be canceled (for tramway) and a pedestrian overpass should be built between Mehmet Akif Street and Fikri Erten Street for the transition to Özdilek Shopping Mall.
From the 10-Çallı Tunnel to the Square, there should be a pedestrian overpass near the Çallı bus stops (Vatan boulevard where passing tram accident)
The Vatan Boulevard Safety Junction between the 11-Çallı Tunnel and the Safety Stop must be canceled and a fence wire should be drawn between Tünelle Durak and the concrete wall.
The pedestrian overpass should be built between the 12-Safety Stop and the Forest Junction and the Forest junction junction will be canceled and will go to Kepez direction. It should be directed to Çallı Junction through Kazım Karabekir Street.
13-Safety Stop and Insurance Stop between the fence wire on the concrete wall again.
14-Insurance junction should be canceled and crossing to junction
15-Forest Junction and Insurance Junction The right (west) strip of Vatan Boulevard should be closed to traffic, left-side strip, Kepez direction should remain open.
The Tonguç level crossing between the 16-Insurance Station and the Sharps Stop must be closed and a pedestrian overpass should be built at the junction.
Sharpsol Street between 17-Şarampol Station and Muratpaşa Station should be closed in two-way traffic and glass railings should be made to prevent pedestrians from entering the rail system line. It must be pedestrianized.
18-SharPoly Sharps (Point Hotel) Intersection with 1 and 2 underpasses should continue to be used as leveling. Left and right turns for vehicles should be removed.
19-Muratpaşa stop with the connection to the Sarampol Street aligned pedestrian overpass should be made.
After the 20-Muratpaşa stop, the crossing at the closed road leading to the Milli Egemnlik Street should be removed and the pedestrian overpass should be built.
21-Muratpaşa and İsmetpaşa Stops should be made of glass railing.
22-Ismetpasa stop before entering the valley to the East Garage at the intersection of the crossroads linking the pedestrian overpass should be made to this point.
The vehicle road to the right of 23-İsmetpaşa Station should be canceled and the connection from the Governorate to Atatürk Street should be provided from the Kale Gate.
After the 24-İsmetpaşa stop, the pedestrian overpass should be built opposite the Dönçiler Çasrşıs.
25-Ismetpasa and East garage stops between the glass railing application should be made.
26-The crossroad at the central bank should be removed.
In the 27-East garage, traffic on Aliçentinkaya Street should be canceled and pedestrian overpass should be built on the street in connection with East Garage stop.
28-Cebesoy-F.Altay street between the eastern garage level crossing should continue to be used.
29-East Garage and B.Onat stops should be applied between the glass railing.
Transitions via 30-B.Onat level crossing rail system must be canceled. However, the intersection should be continued except for the rail system.
The 31-B. pedestrian overpass is designed to provide access to the stop station.
32-B. The wire fence must be pulled over the concrete wall between Onat-Meydan stops.
At the end of Ali Çetinkaya Street before entering the 33-Meydan Station and at the end of Aspendos Boulevard, the ground intersection should not be canceled at this stage and should continue to be used.
34-Pedestrian overpass should be built at the stop of the point where the junction is.
At the end of the 35-Meydan stop, a wire fence should be placed around the cutting mechanism and the last part of the line.
In connection with the 36-Meydan stop, one end must be constructed at the Square Transfer Center with one end on the pedestrian overpass on the northern part of Aspendos Boulevard.
General tasks:
1 scissor mechanism
16 Upper Pedestrian Overpass
concrete walls and wire fences on it
glass railings.


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