False News about Silkworm Tram and Bursa T1 Tram (SPECIAL NEWS)


When we read the news of a national newspaper about the Silkworm tram and the T1 Tram, we couldn't believe our eyes! We would like to correct the news about Silkworm and Bursa T1 Power Plant Garage - Sculpture line which is full of big mistakes as follows:

1) Silkworm low-floor tram vehicle Durmazlar Produced by machine. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality officially supports this production.

2) The tramway vehicle has been tested internationally and has no obstacles to certificated mass production.

3) The load and dynamic tests of the silkworm vehicle will be carried out in a line of approximately 750 km, where 2,5 V DC energization can be made within the Burulaş Warehouse area.

4) Draw frame, sandblasting, brake, pantograph, vehicle communication / signaling, traction control and other critical parts in the silkworm tramway are procured from internationally certified companies.

5) The Bursa T1 tram line, which is under construction, is made by the Spanish Comsa company and a “vehicle purchase” tender will be made for this line.

6 Silkworm is produced according to the T1 line of tramway vehicles and it is a cheap, cheap and cheap choice for similar tram projects.

7) Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is among the customers who can buy this vehicle officially as other metropolitan municipalities.

2 congratulates the Turkish engineers who have achieved this success in such a short time. RayHaber as we want to put an end to the pollution of incomplete and incorrect information.

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