Izmir Tram Tender has been concluded

Izmir Tram Lines Map
Izmir Tram Lines Map

İzmir Tram Tender Concluded: İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu announced that the tender for the 12.6 km Üçkuyular-Halkapınar and 9.7 km Alaybey Mavişehir tram lines has been concluded. Gulermak company kazanwagons of the tender Durmazlar It will be produced by the machine company in Bursa.

With the 12.6 km Halkapınar - Üçkuyular planned by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to ease the public transportation in the city, the length of 9.7 kilometers Karşıyaka The tender for the construction of the Alaybey - Mavişehir tram lines was concluded. Turkish firms, domestic and foreign firms, tenders competing by consortia Gülermak Heavy Industry and Construction Contracting Company, for construction works 182 million 144 thousand 261 TL and 38 offers for wagons and spare parts 69 million 153 thousand 255 Euro s kazanwas. Notifications of the result of the tender were sent to the participating companies.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu announced that the tender for trams with a total length of 23.5 kilometers has been concluded. Stating that the tender was more affordable than they expected, Kocaoğlu said, “The biggest reason for this is that a company working in the automotive sub-industry business in Bursa made a tram tow truck. This company, which entered the tender with wagons with low cost, kazanwas. We will be very honored to contribute to the Turkish industry," he said.

Gülermak company produces trams called silkworm in Bursa as sub-subcontractor company for tender. Durmazlar He entered with the machine. of the tender kazanIt will be made from the domestic production Silkworm tram, which makes a trip to Izmir, with the launch of Bursa. However, the wagon dimensions of the Izmir tram will be larger than the wagons of the 26-meter Bursa tram. Izmir's wagons will be 32 meters long. The tram will be manufactured to operate in both directions.


If the tender result is not adversely affected by the appeal process, the 36 will be completed in a month. There will be a 19 station in Halkapınar-Üçkuyular Metro Station. Alaybey Mavişehir line will be built in 16 station. The tender will also include 38 wagons and spare parts for passenger transport.

Izmir Tram Map

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