Capitalists Want Metrobuses Distributed Fairly

In order to relieve Ankara traffic and provide better public transportation services to the citizens of the capital, Gökçek stated that the 500 Unit Metrobüs, which was ordered by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to the MAN factory in Ankara, started to take delivery from this month. He was described.
According to information received by the Electronic News Agency (e-ha) correspondent, metrobuses that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality added to its fleet entered the service of the capitalists. 50, which was manufactured with the latest technology at the factory located in Ankara, has been planning to take the 15 from Gölbasi to the city from 35, which was delivered last week.
Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, which has the world's most environmentally friendly transportation fleet, constantly renewing, developing and multiplying its vehicles in order to provide faster and more comfortable services for the capital.
250, which was tendered by the General Directorate of EGO, took the party 250 500 with natural gas and delivered the party party. Immediately after the tender was completed by the contractor company quickly construction of the bellows, natural gas, handicapped elevator, air-conditioned and camera with the latest technology 250 50 units, the first way to the capital, went out to the capital.
While the metrobus, which is produced with the latest technology, natural gas, air-conditioned, with cameras, natural gas, and disabled elevators, is delivered by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality last week, 50 of the 15 metrobuses departing from Gölbaşı to the city continue while 35 Metrobus are The beginning of carrying passengers from the Sincan and Eryaman regions to the city center caused the reaction of the citizens of the capital.
The citizens of the capital complaining that the distribution of metrobuses purchased by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide a comfortable service to the citizens is not fair, is not distributed by giving priority to the equal and needy regions. Critics who criticize the failure to launch metrobus flights to the very busy passenger areas such as Mamak, Dikmen, Yenimahalle, Ümitköy, want to make the necessary arrangements according to the number of passengers and passengers required and fair.

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