Why Is YHT Between Konya and Ankara Not At The Desired Speed?

While YHT was performed in Ankara-Konya between 1 hours and 15 minutes, the main reason for not reaching the desired speed was the collapse of the ground.

In Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line sets collapses in the ground. In the winter months, the collapses caused the train to fail. It is suggested that the flights are planned to be reduced and repaired.

While YHT was being carried out between Ankara and Konya, 1 hours could not reach the desired speed even though it was said as 15 minutes. Corresponding to the collapse of the Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kökat Konya Branch, the collapse of the heavy winter conditions and the line is due to new, he said. Necati Kökat, "Of course, among the first trial of someone YHT Ankara-Konya in Turkey was faced with some difficulties for it.

One of them is collapsing. We attach the crashes to heavy winter conditions. Due to collapses, there were some disruptions in our flights. Hopefully, the solution is made before reaching more serious dimensions, İn he said. Stating that YHT can not reach the desired speed, Kökat said that the Spanish company warned not to cross 200.

Source: e-Karaman



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