Antray stopped in storm and rain, public remained on roads

📩 24/11/2018 14:11

Akaydın's transportation revolution collapsed with the shortening of the lines and the people of Antalya to the north of the city and on the route. Antray stopped in the storm and rain. People stayed on the roads

Antray, who worked on the 11 km route between Prison and Square, stopped in the morning at 7. According to the claim 8 began working again in the order of half. But halfway through the route, it went back to safety. So people stayed on the road again in the rest of the route. At the peak of rain, people were disgraced at the stops. CHP Mayor Mustafa Akaydın'ın launched by the transport-related 444 37 08 our call center and hotline locked. Repeatedly searched for one phone at a time, but the phone was closed. 321 93 xnumx't reached the authorities, press the call center authorities provided the 60 312 80 to provide information by calling the number.

Antray crashed in the morning
Akaydın, "I'm revolutionizing transportation," he 20 2011 since August has shortened the lines and changed. Antray imposed the ring system with the transfer system. The residents of Kepez and Döşemealtı districts living in the northern part of the city were victims of this situation. Antalya in general who want to go from one end of town to the other, to the point where you want the line to achieve the indirect system is abbreviated to public transportation vehicle wheel was forced to ride a tram to ride. 1 within the hour of the round-trip boarding passes free. This system crashed in the morning.

They wanted a minibus supplement
Antalya stopped the light rail system Antray with strong showers and storm. Residents on Antray's route and those living in the north of the city were miserable at the stops, as no alternative public transport routes were installed along the Antray route. People waiting in the stops commemorated Halkkart with Akaydın and his new public transportation system. Press officials of the municipality of the transport authorities, the solution could not produce a minibus from the minibusists to public transportation vehicles wanted.

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