Ankara Metro tender was postponed to 5 March for local investors!

The tender for the domestic industry, which will open the door to the market of 10 billion euros, last minute development took place. The tender, which was announced to be held today, was postponed to 5 March. Ministry of Transport, started to get 324 set of metro vehicles for the Ankara Metro and until 51 percent 'domestic production requirement' 51 percent put the wagon tender 'domestic production requirement' Placing met with great enthusiasm, but 'has produced 130 car at a time' The condition was shocked by the domestic producers who were preparing to tender.

The Ministry of Transport, taking care of the responses from the Ministry, decided to stretch the stipulation. Therefore, the tender that should be made today is postponed to 5 Mart in order to stretch the demanding conditions for the domestic industrialists. Within the scope of the tender, the first party, the percentage of 30, the other party 51 'domestic production contribution' the condition of the tender, "the 130 vehicle produced at a time" to seek the condition, the domestic producers were prepared to tender the tender. Although there are many companies engaged in production on these figures in Turkey, this figure does not produce one at a time.

The Ministry of Transport was asked to add this clause to the 25. While indigenous industry has been put in place for domestic support, it has been controversial that such an obstacle has been placed. Science Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün has stepped in and said, nez We are making efforts at the relevant ministry to change the terms of delivery Bilim. Last minute change was made to save time for this problem.

Even if the end-of-work conditions are not taken to the limit of 25 of the domestic industry, the requirement of reducing the amount to 30, and the fact that the requirement of def having done so much at one time N is clarified. In this case, there will be a chance that domestic industrial companies will come together and enter the tender. On the other hand, the fact that domestic producers will be able to compete in the tender is of great importance as it will result in the fact that the foreign producers who will participate in the tender will be more measured in price.

G.Kireli Rotem pushing

While the predictions are made about which groups will compete in the tender, the information that South Korean Rotem is working on the tender is spoken in backstage. In October, South Korea's Hyundai Rotem won the tender for the 2011 train set to be used on the Izmir Aliağa-Menderes line.


The number of companies producing rail system / metro vehicle sets in the world is very limited. The biggest production in this sector is made by the French company Alstrom. The annual production of 2.500 vehicles is followed by the Japanese Mitsubishi company with 2.400 vehicles annually. The annual production of Bombardier, a joint venture between Sweden and Canada, is 2.000 vehicles. South Korean Hyundai produces 1.000 vehicles a year.

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