High Speed ​​Train Project Covering Muş Will Be Completed in 6 Years

HT CAF YHT - TCDD High Speed ​​Train
HT CAF YHT - TCDD High Speed ​​Train

The 'Erzincan-Tunceli-Bingöl-Mus Railway Project' meeting to be held by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was held in Muş. 6 2 billion 460 million pounds of high-speed train project to be completed in the year specified.

Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate of the meeting held in the Provincial Director of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism Metin Ilhan, Varto District Special Administration Director Imam Karahan, MGS Project Consultancy Engineering Company Director Mehmet Yalçın, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization engineers attended. 2012 and 2017 'will be made between the' Erzincan-Tunceli-Bingöl-Mus Railway Project 'as a result of Erzincan and Muş from 73 minutes will fall until specified.

Providing information about the project, Muş Environment and Urbanism Provincial Director Metin İlhan said: “Erzincan-Tunceli-Bingöl-Muş Railway Project; It was planned to connect to Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum high-speed train line, and to provide a Van-Iran connection, it was planned to operate on electricity as two lines for both passenger and cargo transportation. The width it will cover on the land that the railway passes over is 2 meters. 14,5 kilometers of the project passes through the province of Muş.

The places where the route passes are in the borders of Mus center and villages and Varto district. Passenger transportation between Erzincan and Muş is planned as 73 minutes and freight transportation is planned as 107 minutes. Bridges, viaducts and tunnels will be constructed for the railway at various points. On the route of the project area, there are agricultural lands, shrubbery, forest area, pasture, dam and urban settlements. It is stated that the necessary permissions will be obtained from the necessary institutions and organizations regarding these areas. Our Ministry is committed to complying with circulars, regulations and communiqués in the works to be carried out in the project area. During the construction of the project, the staff of our Directorate will also carry out the necessary inspections. The construction period of the project is planned as 2012 years between 2017-6. ”


It was stated in the introductory meeting of 'Erzincan-Tunceli-Bingöl-Muş Railway Project' that the project will last 6 years. Mehmet Yalçın, Manager of MGS Project Consultancy Engineering Company, gave the following information in this presentation, which he promoted by high speed train project: Muş Railway ”project. Erzincan-Muş Railway line, whose length is 2 + 197 km, designed as two separate lines for departure and arrival, both for passenger and cargo transportation purposes, and for trains to operate on electricity; Starting from the borders of Erzincan Tercan district, it will end in Muş Central District after passing through Tunceli Pulumur, Bingol Yedisu, Karliova and Mus Varto Districts. With the railway line planned to be built between Erzincan and Muş, the average travel time is planned as 813 minutes for passenger trains and 73 minutes for freight trains.

Erzincan-Mus-rail project in Turkey in the Middle East, the Caucasus and altered allowing the two main rail links connecting Central Asia also has a very important position. The project and construction works of Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars High Speed ​​Train line, which is the northern connection of these lines, are carried out by DLH. Our country, which is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia with the high-speed train project between Ankara and Kars, and the Kars-Georgia and Erzincan-Muş-Van-Iran railway routes, will further strengthen this geographical advantage with the railway route. The implementation projects of the project project are planned to be completed in 2011, and the construction process in 2012 years between 2017 and 6. ”

Mehmet Yalçın, the Company Manager, gave detailed information about the project by answering the questions of the superiors.

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