Rail System Projects Completed in Istanbul

Topkapı - Edirnekapı Tram Line

Edirnekapı-Topkapı additional tram line was put into service on March 18, 2009. The Topkapı-Edirnekapı tram line takes the Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme metrobus line at Şehitlik station, the Aksaray-Airport metro line at Vatan station, and Zeyinburnu- at Topkapı station.Kabataş It is integrated with the tram line and Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme metrobus line.

4. Levent-Atatürk Auto Industry Metro

4.Levent-Atatürk Auto Industry The construction of the metro line was finished in 2008 and opened to the public in 2009. 4. Levent-Maslak-Atatürk Auto Industry metro line has 3 station

Taksim-Şişhane Metro Station

2008 has been completed in 2009 and opened in 2,5. The 5 can be entered and departed from Şişli to the Şişhane station and there are elevators for disabled people in the stations. With the art boards created at Şişhane Station, the metro stations were made themed for the first time.

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