Ağaoğlu Hotel Opening

Ali Ağoğlu, declaring that he will not open the hotel this winter as a reaction to the process that started with the restructuring of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Uludağ, gave up this decision after his meeting with Bursa Governor Şahabettin Harput. Bursa made a statement on the subject [more…]

35 Izmir

Ropeway Rebuilding

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will reconstruct Balçova Cable Car Facilities in European Union standards. The tender will take place on January 7. After serving the city for many years, Balçova Ropeway Facilities, which was determined to be 'inconvenient to use' in the technical examination, was closed to service, İzmir [more…]

32 Isparta

Davraza Artificial Snow To Fall

In Isparta Davraz Ski Center, although it is approaching the end of December, it is stated that artificial snow will be poured in the area where the skiing will be made because the desired snow thickness is not formed. Isparta Deputy Governor İzzet Ercan said that the snow machine could not be obtained due to the lack of desired snow thickness. [more…]

istanbul metro map and stops
34 Istanbul

Airport Technical Details

Project Subject: Olimpiyatköy-İkitelli-Çobançeşme-Airport Rail Transport System Employer: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Start - End: 2006 - 2010 Enterprise Type: Stand Alone Detailed Description: Airport Olimpiyatköy Metro Project: With Aksaray-Atatürk Airport metro line currently in operation [more…]