e commerce route reaching europe from smes

E-Commerce Way to SMEs from China to Europe

SMEs will deliver their products to 11 logistics centers on the e-Commerce route from China to Europe. Founded want to be able to export to countries where the organization ... Turkey is a very important geographical location as of crossing the bridge between Europe and the Middle East. For this reason, many [more…]


1.000 SME is doing high speed train

1.000 SMEs doing high-speed train: in 2023, 10 thousand kilometers of high speed rail line, which will have started production for the domestic version of the train over a thousand SMEs in Turkey. 784 main parts from cable to design and engine, mainly [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railways connect to OIZ

Railways are connected to OIZ: According to the plan to be implemented by the end of next year, SMEs will be encouraged to open up to the public and access to finance will be facilitated. The economy management prepared a new action plan for the real sector within the scope of improving the investment environment. Of SMEs [more…]