GAZİRAY Serves 10 Thousand Passengers Daily

GAZİRAY Serves Thousands of Passengers Daily
GAZİRAY Serves Thousands of Passengers Daily

📩 25/09/2023 15:16

GAZİRAY, which is an important turning point in Gaziantep's transportation and has a value of 30 billion today, has been serving 10 thousand passengers daily thanks to its route connecting industrial zones since the day it started its flights.

GAZİRAY, which stands out with its feature of relieving the traffic congestion between the 5th Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) and the city center in Gaziantep, the locomotive city of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, was implemented in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport, with the support of the Republic of Turkey State Railways.

The opening ceremony of the GAZİRAY Suburban Line, a giant project with 16 stops and 30 billion liras today, took place at the Station Square on November 5, 2022, with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The project cost of GAZİRAY, which provides 2 km of road, fuel and time savings thanks to its 900 thousand 7,5 meter tunnel entering from Dülükbaba Forest and exiting the OIZ, is planned to amortize itself in 3,5 years.


The comfortable and fast transportation created by GAZİRAY in the city center is supported by RAYBÜS serving between Gaziantep and Nizip. GAZİRAY, which provides great comfort to the passengers staying in the district with its integrated operation feature, also provides a great advantage in saving time for citizens.

In this context, passengers coming to the city center in 40 minutes with RAYBÜS, which operates between Gaziantep and Nizip, continue their travels without slowing down, thanks to GAZİRAY, which carries passengers at 30-minute intervals.