Visa Free Countries List 2023

visa free countries
visa free countries

Visa-free countries from Turkey do passport control at the border gates, but do not require any visa to enter the country. You can travel to these points in the list of visa-free countries only by taking your passport with you.

The Balkan countries are generally included in the list of countries that do not require a visa from the citizens of the Republic of Turkey in Europe. Turkish citizens can enter North Macedonia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus without a visa.

Among the visa-free countries in the Balkans region of Europe, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania do not require a visa from Turkish citizens for travels up to 90 days. While Kosovo is an ideal route for those who plan a cold winter trip or ski holiday with its harsh climate, North Macedonia and Albania have a climate where you can discover their beauties in all seasons of the year. North Macedonia is a fascinating country with its Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine culture in its architecture. A visa is not required for trips to Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, provided that they do not exceed 180 days within 90 days.

Visa Free Countries Map 2023


Visa Free Asian Countries

Among the Asian countries where you can go visa-free, Georgia stands out with its mountain villages on the Caucasus and its beaches on the Black Sea coast. In addition, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi are very popular ski resorts in the country. Located in the Arabian peninsula, Qatar offers tourists the pleasure of having a completely different experience with a desert safari. South Korea, which is among the most advanced technology countries in the world, fascinates those who see it with its mystical atmosphere and Asian architecture. The capital city of Seoul is one of the must-see places. Visa-free countries are as follows:

● Thailand
● Singapore
● Indonesia
● Uzbekistan
● South Korea
● Mongolia
● Iran
● Georgia
● Lebanon
● Kyrgyzstan
● Sri Lanka
● Jordan
● Qatar
● Hong Kong
● Philippines
● Brunei
● Azerbaijan
● Japan
● Kazakhstan
● Bahrain
● Lebanon
● Iraq

The above are the countries that do not have visa application for Turkish citizens. Among these, Iraq, Qatar and Indonesia have only imposed visa requirements at the border gate.

Visa Free African Countries

Some countries in Africa are also included in the list of visa free countries:

● Tunisia
● Libya
● Mauritius
● Principle
● South Sudan
● Zambia
● Republic of South Africa
● Morocco
● Swaziland
● Kenya
● Botswana
● Sao Tome
● Seychelles

These countries do not require a visa from Turkish citizens. Only Kenya requests an e-visa, while South Sudan and the Republic of South Africa apply for visa at the door.

Cape Town, one of the 3 capitals of South Africa, is of course at the top of the famous places to visit on the African continent. For those who want to experience a safari, Kenya, located in the east of Africa, awaits its visitors with its rich animal diversity. Morocco, which has a fascinating atmosphere with its historical buildings and narrow streets, is also among the popular destinations to visit in Africa.

Those who want to see the beauty of the Mediterranean from the African continent may prefer to travel to Libya. The Sabratha Ancient Site, which is on the Unesco World Heritage List, and the Acacus mountain range, which fascinates visitors with their drawings of animal figures on the rocks, are just some of the must-see places in Libya.

Visa Free American Countries

Among the famous places to visit in South America, of course, is the Amazon rainforest. You should definitely visit this natural wonder spread over 9 countries. In addition, Iguazu Falls, located between Brazil and Argentina, Machu Picchu from the Inca civilization in Peru, and the Atacama Desert in Chile for adventure seekers are among the places to visit in South America. The places in the Americas where Turkish citizens can travel without a visa are the countries in the south and middle parts.

● Venezuela
● Argentina
● Colombia
● Peru
● Tobago
● Brazil
● Uruguay
● Bolivia
● Ecuador
● Paraguay
● Chile
● Trinidad

The above are the South American countries where you can travel without a visa. Visa-free countries in the Central American region are as follows:

● Nicaragua
● El Salvador
● Panama
● Barbados
● Bahamas
● Costa Rica
● Belize
● Dominican Republic
● Dominica
● Mexico
● Honduras
● Jamaica
● Guatemala

Among these, only Mexico applies e-visa.

Green Passport Visa Free Countries

Some countries do not apply visas for green passports, which can be obtained by certain people, such as civil servants and former parliamentarians.

Visa-free countries for green passport holders for travels in Europe not exceeding 90 days are:

● Greece
● Kosovo
● Italy
● Germany
● Andorra
● Sweden
● Monaco
● Poland
● Portugal
● Denmark
● Estonia
● Finland
● Bulgaria
● Belgium
● Switzerland
● Iceland
● Malta
● Slovenia
● Romania
● Lithuania
● Netherlands
● France
● Croatia
● Liechtenstein
● Malta
● Georgia
● Albania
● Czech Republic
● San Marino
● Vatican
● Vietnam
● Luxembourg

Countries that do not require a visa for a green passport for travels not exceeding 90 days in Asia are:

● Syria
● Thailand
● Jordan
● Iran
● Qatar
● Cambodia
● United Arab Emirates
● Bahrain
● Bangladesh
● Hong Kong
● Israel
● Japan
● Kuwait
● Lebanon
● Malaysia
● Pakistan
● Singapore

For China, East Timor, Philippines, Palestine, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Macau, Maldives, Mongolia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan and Yemen, this period is 30 days.

The African countries that can be visited without a visa with a green passport are:

● Botswana
● Algeria
● Djibouti
● Morocco
● Cameroon
● Kenya
● Libya
● Madagascar
● Mauritania
● Egypt
● Seychelles
● Tanzania
● Tunisia

These countries do not require a visa from green passport holders for travels not exceeding 90 days. The African countries that can be visited without a visa for 30 days are the Republic of South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia.

Bordeaux Passport Visa Free Countries

Bordeaux passport is a type of passport issued by the Ministry of Interior to all citizens of the Republic of Turkey who meet the necessary conditions. Citizens with a Bordeaux passport can travel to any of the visa-free countries listed above with their passports.

Visa Free Countries Without Passport

Some visa-free countries do not require passports from citizens of the Republic of Turkey during their travels. Countries that can travel with a photo and chip Republic of Turkey ID card are as follows:

● Serbia
● Bosnia and Herzegovina
● Azerbaijan
● Georgia
● Moldova
● Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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