Non-Surgical Waist and Neck Hernia Treatment with Radiofrequency Method

Non-Surgical Waist and Neck Hernia Treatment with Radiofrequency Method
Non-Surgical Waist and Neck Hernia Treatment with Radiofrequency Method

Medicana Sivas Hospital Algology Specialist Prof. Dr. Cevdet Düger gave information about non-surgical treatment of back and neck hernia with radiofrequency method. Stating that the most frequently applied method in the non-surgical treatment of lumbar hernia is radiofrequency treatment, Prof. Dr. Cevdet Düger talked about his treatments.

Düger underlined that they also treat pain diseases whose cause is unknown and said, “Our patient group that comes to us the most for pain is the patients with low back and neck pain, headaches, backaches, pain due to joint knee calcification and again to relieve severe pain of end-stage cancer patients. incoming patients.” said.

Noting that the treatment he performed is the definitive solution for pain, Dr. Düger said, “There is a definitive solution for pain, for example, we treat hernia itself in lumbar hernia, we eliminate the factors that cause low back pain or we eliminate the factors that cause neck pain, in this way we treat painful patients themselves. Our treatment methods can be divided into 2 as drug therapy and interventional therapy. I mostly use drug therapy as an adjunct treatment alongside interventional treatments, so our treatments are mostly point-and-shoot, interventional methods are methods applied with needles,” he said.

“Radiofrequency is the most used method in pain treatment”

Noting that one of the most used methods is radiofrequency, Düger said, “Radiofrequency treatment is one of the most used interventional methods because most of the patients who apply to us have diseases such as low back pain, lumbar hernia, neck pain, neck hernia, and the radiofrequency method we use is the most suitable method in the treatment of these disorders. method." used his statements.

Stating that the patient left the hospital feeling relieved after the treatment while writhing in severe pain, Düger said, “This is a point-and-shoot method, which takes about 1 hour or half an hour, followed by an operation in the operating room, where we observe the patient for 1 hour and then discharge the patient. a method.” said.

“It is also used for cancer patients”

Expressing that this treatment has an important role in reducing the pain experienced by cancer patients, Düger said, “First of all, we apply medical treatment, that is, drug treatment, in our cancer patients. We also apply step therapy as drug treatment, and we go from low painkillers to stronger painkillers in the future, that is, we go to morphine-style painkillers, but we also combine interventional methods. We use these interventional methods, for example, the method we call epidural anesthesia. In cancer patients, we can relieve the pain of our patients for months with epidural anesthesia.” he said.

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