Mecidiyeköy Fulya Yıldız Metro Put into Service

Mecidiyekoy Fulya Yildiz Metro Put into Service
Mecidiyeköy Fulya Yıldız Metro Put into Service

IMM, within the scope of the '150 Projects in 150 Days' marathon, KabataşThe Mecidiyeköy-Fulya-Yıldız section of the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line was put into service. Speaking at the opening held with the participation of CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, CHP Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan and Honorary Adıgüzel, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu“Since they see Istanbul and IMM as their personal property and unfortunately treat this city in the same way, they could not and cannot accept losing. They see the historical success of IMM as an obstacle in front of them. But they forget one thing and they are wrong: Although they put me in the center of the business, what they are facing right now is the 16 million people of Istanbul. In fact, it is the 85 million people of our beautiful country who believe in democracy. Those who are against are our citizens who never accept the usurpation of the national will," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 150th service within the scope of "150 Projects in 189 Days" marathon, Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line opened the Mecidiyeköy-Fulya-Yıldız section. The opening ceremony for the line that will pass through Şişli and Beşiktaş districts; Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, CHP Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan, Honorary Adıgüzel, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin, Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat, Kartal Mayor Gökhan Yüksel and CHP İBB Assembly Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı. In the ceremony, respectively; IMM Deputy Secretary General Pelin Alpkökin, Keskin, Akpolat, İmamoğlu, Adıgüzel, Tezcan and Altay made speeches.


İBB President İmamoğlu stated that they said "Hello" to the new year with the Baltalimanı Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant, which they opened on January 1, the Mecidiyeköy-Fulya-Yıldız metro line, which they put into service today, and the Dudullu-Bostancı metro line, which will be made available to citizens on January 6. Sharing the information that the total investment cost of the 3 services is 20 billion liras, İmamoğlu said, “Those who do not invest in a healthy way and do not spend their money in a healthy way cannot win the hearts of Istanbulites. Had they had the capacity to produce 25 kilometers per year instead of 5 in a 15-year period before us – and there have been cities in the world that have achieved 25 five kilometers in 25 years – today Istanbul would have been in a completely different position. But it depends on what you prioritize. In this respect, unfortunately, healthy steps have not been taken. All of a sudden, in a different way, they felt that they were late. Especially in the 2015-16 axis, many tenders were made. Unfortunately, many of these tenders remained on paper. His project was incomplete, his financing was never considered. That's why we took over 10 metro lines that were stopped, not built and forgotten. Because of the wastage system, they neglected their work, frankly because they forgot about the execution and created only political fights, a period when they only fostered partisan feelings. They have abandoned Istanbul, so to speak, with their half-baked metro projects that they produced far below what they could do, that they constantly extended the works and that unfortunately remained on paper.”


Kabataş-The total length of the Mahmutbey line is 24,5 kilometers. The line consisting of 19 stations will have a capacity of 70 thousand passengers in one direction. The line that will pass through the districts of Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kağıthane, Eyüpsultan, Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenler and Bağcılar; Kabataş In Station Kabataş- With Taksim Funicular Line Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line will be integrated. Integration will be provided from the Yenikapı-Mecidiyeköy Line. Habibler-Edirnekapı-Topkapı Line from Karadeniz Station is one of the integration points. The last integration will be from the Mahmutbey Station with the Bus Station-Bağcılar-Kirazlı-Başakşehir-Olympic Metro Line.

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