Aegean's Agricultural Export Target is 10 Billion Dollars

The Aegean's Agricultural Export Target is Billion Dollars
Aegean's Agricultural Export Target is 10 Billion Dollars

Aegean Exporters' Associations (EIB) realized 2022 percent of Turkey's agricultural product exports with 6 billion 727 million dollars of exports in 19.

Aegean agricultural exporters emphasize the importance of government incentives in Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Production to reach 10 billion dollars. Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters' Association became the leader of the agriculture sectors within the EIB with an export of 2022 billion 23 million dollars in 1 with an increase of 619 percent.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association increased its exports by 2022 percent to 5 billion 1 million dollars in 246. Aegean Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds Exporters' Association, for the first time in its history, achieved an export of 46 billion dollars with an increase of 1 percent.

Aegean Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association completed the year 20 with an increase of 866 percent to 852 million dollars, and the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association 2022 million dollars. While the Aegean Tobacco Exporters' Association realized 6 million dollars of exports with an increase of 829 percent, the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association brought 336 million dollars to Turkey.

“This positive momentum will continue in 2023 as well”

Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi stated that 12 out of 7 Exporters' Unions are clusters of agricultural products exporters, and said, “Our agricultural sectors experienced the golden age of their history in a critical conjuncture where a recession financial crisis climate was experienced, as in 2022 in the world and in our country. In 2022, the exports of our agricultural sectors increased by 17 percent to 6 billion 727 million dollars. We are a strong player in the world in dried fruits, products, olive-olive oil, aquatic products, spices, tobacco, non-wood forest products and organic production.” said.

Saying that they believe the positive momentum will continue in 2023, Eskinazi said:

“We foresee that we will reach 10 billion dollars in agricultural exports with high technology investments and sustainability vision in the upcoming period. As a leading region in agriculture, we always need new investments that serve the Sustainable Development Goals. Dikili Specialized Agriculture-Based Organized Industrial Zone, which is the largest modern greenhouse and agro-industrial cluster in Europe and Turkey, of which we are partners, and at the same time, the Agriculture-Based Specialized Floristry Organized Industrial Zone established in Bayındır will reveal an important potential. Agricultural Specialized Dairy Organized Industrial Zone to be established in Bergama, Herbal Production Agriculture-Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zone to be established in Kınık for seeds, seedlings, medicinal and aromatic plants, are a great advantage for our country in this period of increasing food-related concerns all over the world.”

Turkish Tastes brand is growing in the world

Eskinazi continued his words as follows:

“Within the scope of our Turquality Project, cooperation was established with the University of Las Vegas UNLV and Nevada Restaurant Association (NvRA), and Turkish Cuisine was included in the lessons. In addition, the Turkish Tastes Reference Cookbook reference book was published. This book showed its difference by entering some of THY's lounges. The next 4 years' application to the Ministry of Commerce has also been made and activities will continue with training seminars, chef competitions, social media and promotion and tasting events. We will represent our country and companies in the best way possible at the most prestigious fairs of the world, Summer Fancy Food Show, Biofach and Foodex Japan fairs, which we have been organizing national participation for more than 20 years by our Food Associations.”

Pointing out that the 6th China Import Fair national participation organization will be organized by their Unions, Eskinazi said, “We need incentives to increase our agricultural exports. Logistics is very important. We need logistics when we ship our products to distant markets. Our air fleet should support this, especially in fresh fruit and vegetables, and make their prices more affordable.” said.

“EYMSİB carries out 22 percent of Turkey's fresh fruit, vegetable and product exports”

Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator Vice President Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Plane said, “Turkey's total exports of fresh fruits, vegetables and products reached 5,5 billion dollars. 22 percent of this export was carried out by our Association. As the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association, we managed to close the year 2022 with an increase in exports.” he said.

Underlining that the exports of Fresh Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Products reached 1 billion 250 million dollars, Uçar said, “We have achieved an increase of 6 percent compared to the previous year. While our top 2022 markets in 5 are Germany, the USA, Russia, England and the Netherlands, products such as pickles, fruit juices, dried tomatoes, tomato paste, frozen fruits, cherries, tangerines, tomatoes, grapes, peaches and nectarines stand out in exports. came to plan. Our members exported to a total of 2022 countries and regions in 189.” used his statements.

Fair participation to Germany, Russia, England, URGE delegation to Indonesia and Singapore

Plane mentioned that the main focus of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association regarding the production part in 2023 will be on the fight against residues, fruit and vegetable losses and training activities.

Expressing that they will start a comprehensive training program in gardens and businesses all over the Aegean Region, Uçar continued his words as follows:

“In this program, we will try to set an example for a production model with less losses and correct spraying by getting technical support from our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Universities. We will continue our efforts to increase our exports abroad and to find new buyers and markets for our members. In the first half of 2023, we will have fair participation in Germany, Russia and England. We will also organize a URGE delegation to Indonesia and Singapore. 2023 will be a year full of domestic and international activities, I hope these activities will be reflected in our exports and we can increase our exports to the level of 1 billion 500 million dollars.”

Organic and value-added products play a major role in the increase in agricultural exports.

EIB Organic Products and Sustainability Coordinator, Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association President Mehmet Ali Işık, mentioned that in 2022, the Aegean's agricultural exports increased by more than 1 billion dollars.

Pointing out that the Aegean has a significant power in agricultural production in the world, Işık said, “Organic and value-added products played a big role in the increase in exports. Our biggest advantage is that we are the main supplier of Mediterranean cuisine and Mediterranean products. Mostly fresh vegetables and fruits are exported in Turkey, while finished products are mostly exported in the Aegean Region. Our yellow lop fig, which we are the leader in production and export in the world, is a special product grown only in Aydın region. Our Sultaniye grape is a product unique to the Aegean region. Malatya's Şekerpare Apricot is processed and shipped in the Aegean Region again.” said.

Işık underlined that most of the fish production in aquaculture is done in the region, “We increased our grape production from 100 thousand tons to 350 thousand tons, our fig production from 15 thousand tons to 100 thousand tons, and our apricot production from 20 thousand tons to 120 thousand tons. The Aegean's view of agriculture and food is entirely based on sustainability. The reason why we are the world leader in dried fruit is the infrastructure we have created together with our universities, research institutes and exporters for 30-40 years. EIB manages the coordination in sustainability and organic agriculture in Turkey. We have around 500 million dollars of organic exports, we will increase it to 1 billion dollars.” he said.

“Good agricultural practices and organic farming incentives are needed”

Stating that they have prepared their infrastructure in the whole process from production to export, Işık said, “We are building our industry according to organic agriculture. What happened in the pandemic, climatic changes, and the third, the Ukraine-Russia war revealed how strategic food is. It aims to have 2030 percent of agriculture in Europe switch to organic agriculture by 30. This is a very powerful message for us as well. We need to do this in the same way. To establish this infrastructure, farmers should be supported all over the world. Both good agricultural practices and incentives for organic farming practice are needed.” said.

Işık, emphasizing the need for product-based support, said, “It is not a decare-based production. Likewise, basin-based production should be encouraged. Likewise, biological and biotechnical struggles should be supported. You have no chance to be successful in the biological and biotechnical struggle in the divided land structure. However, if you make biological and biotechnical struggle in those regions as a basin, then you can realize a pesticide-free production. These should be our goals for the next 8-10 years. The supports given and to be given by the state should be designed according to these dynamics.” used his statements.

“Aquaculture and animal products sector became the star of exports in food”

Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters' Association President Bedri Girit, on the other hand, stated that as the Fisheries and Animal Products Industry, its exports increased by 20 percent, which is more than the increase in Turkey's exports compared to last year, exceeding the level of 4 billion dollars for the first time and achieving a success above the 2023 export targets. expressed that they are proud of adding a new one the other day.

Stating that their unions increased their exports by 2022 percent in 23, Girit said, “We increased our unit price to 1,6 billion dollars and our unit price to 3,47 dollars, and at the same time, we became the star of our region's food sector exports. In 2022, we participated in 6 international fairs, both domestic and international, with info stands, and in 2023, we will continue to promote the sector with a minimum of 6 info stands. In 2023, we aim to direct the products of our sector to an important potential market with various projects to be planned for Africa, which is one of the priority markets of our sector. Apart from the fair and commercial visits we will attend in Kenya in 2023, we have started a URGE project with a broader view.” said.

Girit said, “To increase this export volume, which we have reached by working together with our valuable exporters and stakeholders, who contribute to the success of our valuable sector, which meets the protein need for a healthy diet of the world, to 2023 billion dollars as Turkey and 4.3 billion dollars for the Aegean in 1,8, and to be one of the locomotives of the food sector exports. We will continue to work and export value-added by producing projects to break new export records in our sector.” he said.

“Cereals, pulses, oilseeds industry broke a historical record”

Muhammet Öztürk, President of the Aegean Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds Exporters' Association, said, “Turkey's overall export of our Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Products Industry increased by 25 percent to $11,4 billion, and we became the sector that exports the most in food products. Our Union's exports, which were 2021 million dollars in 682, increased by 2022 percent in 47, exceeding Turkey's exports, and reached 1 billion dollars. While we were exporting 10 million dollars 280 years ago, we are experiencing the joy of increasing our exports to the level of 2022 billion dollars in 4 by increasing our exports approximately 1 times. We will initiate a Ur-Ge project to increase the competitiveness of our companies in international markets.” he said.

Tobacco exports reached 829 million dollars

Underlining that Turkey's overall tobacco and tobacco products exports increased by 2022 percent in 6, reaching 829 million dollars, Aegean Tobacco Exporters' Association President Ömer Celal Umur said:

“253 million dollars of this export consisted of leaf tobacco and the remaining 576 million dollars was tobacco products. When we look at exports by country, the first three markets in our leaf tobacco exports are the USA, Iran and Belgium, while the first three markets in tobacco products exports are Iraq, Romania and Georgia. In 3, our Union's work on sustainability will continue without slowing down, as in 2023. As the Union, we will continue to work for a sustainable and environmentally friendly production in oriental tobacco, of which we are the world leader in production and export.”

Exports of non-wood forest products increased by 7 percent to 194 million dollars

Ali Fuat Gürle, President of the Aegean Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association, said, “Turkey-wide exports of our Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Industry increased by 2022 percent from 17 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars in 8,5. As the Aegean Furniture Paper and Forest Products and Exporters' Association, our exports increased by 16 percent from 791 million dollars to 940 million dollars. We foresee that we will exceed the 2023 billion dollar threshold in 1. While Turkey exported 2022 million dollars of non-wood forest products with an increase of 26,4 percent on amount and 7 percent on value basis in 194, 106 million dollars of this export was realized by our Association.” used his statements.

“Thyme with $53 million, laurel with $27 million and sage with $8 million are our top three products.” Gürle said:

“The average export price of non-wood forest products is 0,93 USD/Kg in Turkey, while this figure reaches 3,31 USD/Kg in the Aegean Region. We will carry out various projects to increase the production quality and efficiency of medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as to increase the variety of exportable products. We will continue to carry out studies that show Turkey's power and brand value in all kinds of fairs, delegations and digital platforms in all our sub-sectors. For this purpose, we aim to bring purchasing delegations from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Morocco and America to our country, as well as to organize sectoral trade delegations to countries such as South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Israel.”

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