It is possible to prevent exam stress with the right information!

It is Possible to Prevent Exam Stress with the Right Information
It is possible to prevent exam stress with the right information!

With the right guidance, families can prevent their children from succumbing to exam stress. The webinar, which will be organized free of charge by the Near East University's online education platform E-Study Box on Wednesday, January 26th, aims to guide just that.

At any stage in life, feeling tested is one of the biggest sources of stress for many people. This situation causes exams, which are frequently encountered throughout their education life, to become one of the main sources of stress for students and their families. The main source of stress is the anxiety created by the possibility of failure. So what can be done to manage these anxieties correctly and to cope with exam stress?

The webinar, which will be held free of charge by the online education platform of Near East University, E-Study Box on Wednesday, January 26, aims to guide families and students in order to manage exam stress correctly. In the webinar where Education Specialist and Counselor Hunat Ayşe Öztoprak will host psychologist Yaren Uğur, things to be done to cope with exam stress will be discussed.

Family factor in exam stress!

Education Specialist and Counselor Hunat Ayşe Öztoprak said that in these days when the first stage of college exams will take place, students and their families started to feel the pressure of exams and said, "Although it is difficult to accept, a significant part of the exam stress that children experience based on academic success is due to the conscious or unconscious burden of parents on their children. originates”.

Therefore, the most important way to cope with exam stress is to equip families with the right information. In the free webinar to be held on Wednesday, January 26 between 11.00:12.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, Öztoprak says that together with Psychologist Yaren Uğur, they will draw up a roadmap for families on how to manage exam stress.

In the webinar they will organize; Öztoprak said that they will discuss topics such as the definition of anxiety, its consequences, the importance of overcoming test anxiety, the attitudes that parents should adopt, ways to turn the exam period into an opportunity, and advice for post-exam exams. We aim,” he says.

Do not leave your children alone during the exam preparation process!

Education Specialist and Consultant Hunat Ayşe Öztoprak also gave clues about the topics they will cover in the webinar. Emphasizing that children should not feel alone during the exam process, Öztoprak said, “Parents; It is extremely important for children to show that they are there for them without making them feel pressured during the exam processes. Create a work schedule with your child. Assist them in reviewing study materials. Thus, by supporting your children in this process, you can make them feel that they are not alone,” she says.

Emphasizing the importance of providing the reassurance and emotional support that the child needs to overcome exam stress, Öztoprak advises, "While doing all these, make sure that your child is well fed and gets enough rest with regular sleep."

Let the kids take their own responsibilities!

Hunat Ayşe Öztoprak, who said that one of the most important mistakes that families make in general is trying to control the child, "Restricting their communication with their friends, checking their messages, trying to limit the time they spend on the internet or playing games with bans will increase your child's stress. It will be much more effective to set these boundaries together with the child and to enable them to take their own responsibilities and create self-control.” “You might suggest going for a walk or listening to music to help kids feel refreshed. The best thing you can do as a parent is to make them feel responsible for their own behavior,” says Öztoprak, and says, “Making your children focus on learning rather than high grades will reduce their anxiety and increase their academic success as well.”

Hunat Ayşe Öztoprak, who invited her to the webinar they will organize free of charge on Wednesday, January 26th, said, "You can join our webinar free of charge by becoming a member of the E-Study Box website."

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