NGO Applications for the 8th Term of the First Chance Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı Started

Term NGO Applications for the First Opportunity Program with the Vision of Sevket Sabanci Started
NGO Applications for the 8th Term of the First Chance Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı Started

NGO applications for the 2023 term of the Şevket Sabancı Vision First Chance Program, which provides new graduates with experience in transitioning to professional life and creates opportunities for non-governmental organizations to develop their human resources capacities, will continue until February 26.

Established in 2000 by the late Şevket Sabancı and his family, Esas Holding, one of Turkey's leading investment companies, has been creating a sustainable and measurable impact on youth and employment since 2015 with its social benefit-oriented investment unit Esas Social. Main Social programs, which focus on empowering young people who need equal opportunity in transition to employment due to the unknown name of the university, and received more than 30 thousand applications so far; It aims to enable young people to step into professional life as well-equipped, self-confident and high-aware individuals.

In line with this goal, the motto of 'Equality of Social Opportunity Provides' is realized with the vision of Şevket Sabancı, First Opportunity, My English Opportunity with the Support of Good Sabancı, and a wide ecosystem of 3 people created around the Alumni Programs, contributing to the development of young people. Thanks to the Şevket Sabancı Vision First Opportunity Program, young people who graduated from state universities, which are less preferred by employers, have the chance to be evaluated on an equal basis with their peers, while non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which are an important part of the ecosystem, gain a qualified and educated young workforce. Thus, while the program introduces young people to the civil society sector, it also increases the human resources capacities of NGOs.

Within the scope of the First Opportunity Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı; 40 young people were employed in 250 NGOs that work for the benefit of society in the fields of environment, health, education, culture and arts, children, the disabled, youth, humanitarian aid, socio-economic development and gender equality. Program participants; She works full time for 12 months in functional departments of NGOs such as corporate communication, resource/sponsorship development, human resources, financial and administrative affairs, finance/accounting, information technologies, purchasing, business development and event management.

Emine Sabancı Kamışlı, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Esas Holding, emphasized the importance of the solution models that have been implemented in more than one area; “We believe that social investments will take us forward in the national and global arena. Young people are the hope of our future. We believe that every investment made in them will have sustainable results. We aim to create multiple benefits with the programs we have implemented. Thanks to our First Opportunity Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, we enable young people to explore the civil society sector, while bringing non-governmental organizations together with qualified workforce. With the participation of 6 new NGOs in our program last year, we have cooperated with 40 different NGOs by meeting on a common point on youth employment. We hope that more NGOs will participate this year. I would like to thank all our stakeholders who accompanied us on our journey of creating social benefit.”

As part of the Şevket Sabancı Vision First Opportunity Program, to date, AÇEV, AYDER, Aydın Doğan Foundation, Science Heroes Association, Cevdet İnci Education Foundation, Darüşşafaka Society, DenizTemiz Association, Real Estate Investors Association, Genç Hayat Foundation, GYİAD, Habitat Association, Support to Life Association, Istanbul Human Development Foundation, İKSV, Business World and Sustainable Development Association, KAGIDER, KAÇUV, Koruncuk Foundation, Coding Association, Maya Foundation, Teachers Academy Foundation, Special Olympics Turkey, PERYÖN, TEMA Foundation, TOÇEV, Tohum Autism Foundation, Community Volunteers Foundation, To non-governmental organizations including TUBISAD, TEV, TÜRKONFED, TEGV, Turkish Informatics Foundation, Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association, Turkish Human Resources Education and Health Foundation, Turkey IMSAD, Turkey Quality Association, Turkey Spastic Children Foundation, Yenibirlider Association, Yuva Association and ZÜCDER was supported.

Applications will continue until February 26.

All associations, foundations and higher organizations, which were established at least 12 years ago and in accordance with Turkish laws, who want to give job opportunities to young people who have just graduated from university within the scope of the Program, which provides full-time work experience for 3 months in Turkey's leading non-governmental organizations, meeting the following conditions: federation, confederation, etc.) can apply to the First Opportunity Program with the Şevket Sabancı Vision. 2023 Term NGO applications; It will continue until February 26.

NGOs to apply;

  • Carrying out works for the benefit of society,
  • Having at least 5 full-time employees,
  • Having an annual budget of at least 750.000 TL in the last two years,
  • Creating a clear job description for the position they request,
  • To believe in the equal opportunity mission of Esas Social and to adopt the principle of diversity, equality and inclusiveness in recruitment processes,
  • It should offer participants on-the-job experience and personal development opportunities.

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