Chinese Signatures on 2022 Percent of Ships Built in 47

Percentage of Ships Built in Turkey Have Genie Signature
Chinese Signatures on 2022 Percent of Ships Built in 47

According to official data, by the end of 2022, the Chinese shipbuilding industry continued to be at the top of the world ranking, having the largest shares in terms of both production and orders received.

China National Shipbuilding Industry Association announced that the production carried out in the country's shipyards reached 37,86 million tons in tonnage last year, accounting for 47,3 percent of the world production total.

As for new orders, which is another important indicator of the shipbuilding industry; these, in 2022, reached 45,52 million tons in tonnage and gained a 55,2 percent share in the global market. The tonnage of the pending orders of the sector was 105,57 million tons, corresponding to an increase of 10,2 percent compared to the previous year. This corresponds to 49% of the world market.

On the other hand, in line with the leading position of the Chinese shipbuilding industry, six of the world's top ten shipyards/shipbuilders are Chinese shipbuilding companies, in the context of the ranking made in the light of the above-mentioned business indicators.

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