Why Is My Laptop Slow, What Should I Do?

Why is the Laptop Slow?
Why is the Laptop Slow?

Not enough RAM or performance

Slow hardware means poor performance depending on what games you plan to run. For example, the GTX 1650, Intel Core i5 and 8 GB will never give you maximum performance in demanding games at the highest settings.

Or it could be the combination of CPU and GPU causing the performance bottleneck. There is also the problem of having powerful hardware, but RAM is often not enough. Each laptop has its own RAM availability, how much memory your laptop supports zeto.ua You can find out from catalogs such as, you just need to know the laptop model to look at the RAM compatible with your laptop.

Outdated graphics drivers or problems

Faulty or outdated graphics drivers can slow down your gaming laptop's performance. Faulty graphics drivers can cause particularly severe performance drops and crashes. For example, some AMD Radeon 5700 XT drivers cause screen flickering and low FPS while playing games even if it's a powerful card.

An outdated graphics card driver can also cause slow gaming performance. The graphics card will not appear in the future, although it has been optimized in the past. That's why graphics drivers are released every month or year.

Installing the latest graphics card optimizes the performance of the graphics card until it can handle existing games properly. Drivers could be the reason why your gaming laptop is slow.


Another reason for a slow gaming laptop is overheating. It takes a lot of performance and power to run demanding games.

Hot laptop and slow performance

And a lot of heat is generated when machines are running especially under heavy loads. If your cooling system is faulty and the equipment is heating up to a certain temperature. Performance drops.

As soon as the temperature reaches a low level. Efficiency increases again until it reaches a dangerous temperature.

In other words, the CPU and GPU temperatures are set to lower the high temperatures. And if your gaming laptop is constantly running at high temperatures. Performance will be slow or below the score.

Too much malware

Bloated software is considered unimportant and sometimes slows down your laptop. Most malware runs in the background, resulting in slower performance.

It looks like a parasite. Windows is a big culprit in malware distribution.

old equipment

You may be using outdated hardware. Software is getting more and more demanding very quickly. The hardware required to run software 3-5 years ago may not be sufficient for many games and software today.

Because the current software has higher system requirements than before. The new software has a ton of features. This complicates the correct operation of equipment manufactured several years ago.

How to stop your laptop running slow

  1. Update your drivers
  2. Update your drivers to the latest version. In most cases, this solution fixes the performance issue. Outdated drivers can cause performance drops and crashes.

How to update graphics drivers

But what if these are the latest drivers? Just roll back driver updates. This solution works for corrupt drivers. You update or rollback your drivers.

Solve overheating

There are many reasons why your gaming laptop may overheat. High temperatures cause a drastic drop in performance to keep temperatures low.

Below are a few questions to fix the problem.

Did you apply thermal paste?

Is the laptop dirty or dusty? A dusty laptop makes it harder for cold air to enter and warm air to exit.
You can also try lowering the clock speed and lowering the GPU and CPU voltage to improve performance and temperatures.

Upgrade your RAM or performance

Increasing the amount of RAM always has a noticeable effect on performance. You can also try purchasing new hardware that meets the recommended requirements for the games you want to run.

Overclocking is another way to improve performance. But you need to make sure that your gaming laptop has a good cooling system. Because the higher the performance, the hotter it runs.

Get rid of unnecessary software

Removing malware should be the first step in installing Windows. This ensures that no apps or programs are running in the background. In addition, more hardware resources will be allocated to the current program or task.

Get a new gaming laptop

If you bought a gaming laptop a few years ago. Then it's time to upgrade or change. The requirements of the games have already changed, so you need to improve the laptop.

For extended gaming laptop use. At least in 3-5 years it will still be strong. You just need to update. This way you will make it reliable in the future.

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