The Dissolution of the Terrorist Organization PKK Has Begun: 7 PKK Terrorists Surrendered

Terrorist Organization Begins to Disintegrate in PKK PKK Terrorist Surrendered
The Dissolution of the Terrorist Organization PKK Has Begun 7 PKK Terrorists Surrendered

With the heroic and self-sacrificing operations carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces by entering the lairs of terrorists, the terrorist organization PKK got into a corner. With Operation Claw-Lock, Mehmetçiks, who entered the so-called "inaccessible" places in the Zap, destroyed terror nests and continue to do so.

Feeling the breath of the Mehmetçi on their necks, the terrorists began to surrender as a result of determined operations. Two terrorists, who had responded positively to the "surrender" calls of the Commandos in the past days, surrendered and were delivered right to the judicial authorities.

Finally, 5 PKK terrorists, trapped in a cave in the Operation Claw-Lock region, responded positively to the Mehmetçik's calls for "surrender" and surrendered. The fact that 10 terrorists have been confined to our Turkish Armed Forces in the last 7 days has been an indication that the dissolution of the PKK terrorist organization has accelerated.

Günceleme: 12/11/2022 14:27

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