Support from Toyota to 'It Will Be Good for My Daughter' Campaign

Support from Toyota to the Campaign for a Good Future for Kizima
Support from Toyota to 'It Will Be Good for My Daughter' Campaign

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Inc. signed a cooperation with the Pink Traces Women's Cancers Association in order to protect the health of girls.

Based on the fact that cervical cancer is the only type of cancer in the world that can be protected by vaccination, Toyota also supported the "It Will Be Good For My Daughter" vaccination campaign. As part of this campaign, Toyota also undertook the HPV vaccination of 9 girls between the ages of 13-50.

Toyota and Pembe İzler Women's Cancers Association held an entertaining event at Dormen Academy as part of this cooperation. Ayşe Arman was the moderator of the event. The stage performance of the dance workshop with Alya Dormen won the admiration of the audience. Gökçe, one of the volunteer supporters of the project, sang her popular songs. However, at the event Prof. Dr. İlkkan Dünder shared information about HPV vaccine and cervical cancer.

In the event, where the campaign was aimed to reach wider audiences, it was underlined that the vaccine provides 99,9 percent protection against the HPV virus. The event with intense participation ensured that families had fun all day long and were enlightened about HPV.

Günceleme: 28/11/2022 14:34

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