Pomegranate Documentaries Get Admiration

Pomegranate Documentaries Get Admiration
Pomegranate Documentaries Get Admiration

İzmir Journalists' Association (IGC) presented the documentaries of the 'Pomegranate-Women and LGBTI+ Focused Violence Against Violence' project, which was implemented with the support of the Dutch Crown in order to raise awareness against violence, at the project closing meeting. 6 documentaries received great acclaim at the meeting, which was also attended by the directors.

Documentaries prepared by journalists were screened as part of the 'Pomegranate - Communication Against Women and LGBTI+ Focused Violence' project, which started in September 2021 and was implemented for 15 months with the financial support of the Dutch Crown. Press Council President Pınar Türenç, who supported the event and the project, at the closing meeting held at the İGC Gas Center Conference Hall, said Köy-Koop. İzmir Union President Neptün Soyer, İzmir City Council President Nilay Kökkılınç, İzmir Women's Organizations Association President Gülsen Çetiner Özkan, Entrepreneurial Businesswomen's Association Federation President Huriye Serter, İzmir Bar Association President Sefa Yılmaz, Former President of İzmir Journalists Association Misket Dikmen, Members of IGC Board of Directors and many journalists.

Izmir Journalists Association

IGC President Dilek Gappi said that within the scope of the project, journalists were trained to change the language of violence in the media and to promote gender equality, and reminded that journalists produced many works at the end of the trainings. Explaining that these included 72 news, 6 documentaries, 5 public service ads, 3 radio jingles, 2 podcasts and posters/brochures, Gappi announced that all the works were published on 9 Eylül Newspaper, 9 Eylül Web TV and nar-ssindedekarsimedya.org.

At the meeting where the documentaries published within the scope of the 'Pomegranate-Women and LGBTI+ Focused Violence Communication' project were screened, the project board, directors and works as a consultant, Celal Bayar University Faculty of Communication Radio-TV Department Head Pof. Dr. Meral Özçınar also took part. The documentaries were watched with admiration by all participants. The documentaries of Hatice Bülbül- Zeliha, Cem Özer- Ank, Free Land - I Don't Regret, Reyhan Şenay - The Miracle Who Survived, Sezgin Üzen - Annunciation, Semra İğtaç -Farah can be watched on 9 Eylül Web TV and nar-ssindedekarsimedya.org.

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