More and more German companies are applying to GmbH in Romania

More and More German Companies Become GmbH in Romania
More and More German Companies Become GmbH in Romania

It is much easier to set up a GmbH in Romania than in Germany and also the tax rates in Romania are much lower than in Germany. This is why many German businessmen choose Romania as their new place of business and move your event to Eastern Europe. Romania's best-known from start-up experts one claims that since the corona epidemic, the number of German people who see potential in this eastern EU country has doubled, which is why they are opening businesses there. There are many people from the transport sector, from the marketing sector, as well as many dealers who want to continue working with a Romanian GmbH.

Almost all are low as Romania has a corporate tax rate of only 3%, the smallest tax rate in Europe with taxes gets motivated. Romania has become one of the most competitive states in recent years with these low taxes. More and more businessmen come here not only from German, but also from other German-speaking countries such as Switzerland or Austria, and you even move to Romania, because you dream of your future life in this country.

Not only is the 3% Kst rate very attractive in Romania, but the development of the last decades is also promising. In Romania you can find well-trained employees from every region working with a part of the German monthly salary, so an employee is already satisfied with a monthly salary of around 800 Euros per month. For this reason, many call centers also set up their branches here, so you can cut your expenses in half with smaller monthly salaries and rental costs.

According to current statistics, there are several hundred German investors who set up their companies in Romania every year, and the start-up service provider expects even more next year.

Günceleme: 01/12/2022 00:11

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