Is Petek Dinçöz Married, Who Has His Children? Where is Petek Dinçöz from, how old is he?

How old is Petek Dincoz from where is Petek Dincoz Married?
Is Petek Dinçöz Married, Who Has His Children? Where Is Petek Dinçöz From, How Old Is He?

Petek Dinçöz was a guest on the Ordinary Show with Doğu Demirkol. Searches for Turkish Arabesque Fantasy and Turkish Classical Music singer, model, actress and television presenter Petek Dinçöz gained momentum. So, how old is Petek Dinçöz? Is Petek Dinçöz, guest of Doğu Demirkol, married and how many children does he have?

Petek Dinçöz Büyükbayrakdar, born Diğdem Ezgü (born 29 May 1980, İzmir), is a Turkish Arabesque Fantasy and Turkish Classical Music sound artist, model, actor and television presenter.

Petek Dinçöz (born Diğdem Ezgü) was born on May 29, 1980 in İzmir. She is the daughter of Esra Suay and Müjdat Fahri Ezgü. She lost her father when she was a child. She has a brother named Necdet. She completed her primary and secondary education in Gazi Secondary School. She lived in Izmir until the age of 14, then she dropped out of school and started her modeling career.

1997-2011: Soaked and Nevermind the Lie

She came 1997nd in the Cyprus Beauty Contest she participated in 2. She was also discovered by Vizyon Production / Atilla Kaplakarslan, trained for 2 years and was selected as the Miss Press in the Cyprus Beauty Contest in 1999. With this success, she started getting offers for the series. Dinçöz, who started modeling in 1998, became involved in the TV series Sırılsıklam, which started in July 1998, by playing the lead role in the second season in September 1999. The second TV series in which Dinçöz played was the 2 production of Zehirli Çiçek. She shared the lead role with Tuğba Özay and Çağla Şikel in this series. Then she worked as an assistant presenter in a program of Mehmet Ali Erbil. In 2000, she became a giant headliner in important and famous casinos such as Büyük Maxim Casino, Günay Casino, Aşiyan Casino, Çakıl and Stardast. As a permanent headliner artist at Maksim Casino for 2000 years, she has been a headliner in giant cadres. Petek Dinçöz is not only the only artist who has held a Women's Matinee at Maksim Casino, but also the only artist who has worked for the longest time and has an official state staff at Maksim Casino.

He also released the first scented album in Turkey with the album Yoln Açık Olsun, which was released on May 29, 2007.

In 2007, he released the album Yolın Açık Olsun, the album sold 2 in 80.000 months and became the 5th best-selling album of the year.

His album "Frequency", which he released in April 2008, sold 8 copies in 100.000 months. This album included hits such as Frequency, Not Easy, Değme Keyfime, Snowman.

In 2009, she took lessons from Sezen Aksu and changed her music style to pop. With the support of Sezen Aksu, she released her album "What's Happening Now Ben". Towards the end of the year, he released a 2-song maxi single called "Bana Uyar", which was also written by Sezen Aksu, and clipped the song "Tırlattım" with his tattooed image. This time, he continued his Bee My Honey Petegi program on Kanaltürk. She won the best morning show awards.

In 2010, he released his 2-song maxi single Morarırsın. Then a clip was shot for the song “Kibarca” and effects and techniques applied for the first time in Turkey were used.

In 2011, he released the album Never Mind the Lie. The duet "Seni Sensiz Sevecek", which was included in the album and sang with Ferhat Göçer, was released fifteen days before the album was released and received positive reactions.

2012-2018: I Become Your Wheel of Fortune and Nightmare

In 2012, he hosted Çarkıfelek. He made a song called In The Eyes for the promotion of Europe and sang this song in the same year. The clip was later given to Turkish music channels. Then, the song Vibe&Rate, which is in the Jamecian style, was made. He released his single, Çekil, which is available for sale in the digital environment.

He releases his album called "Milat", which he released in April 2013. He makes his debut at the end of March with the song "Aşk", whose debut song belongs to Gülşen, towards the end of August, he shoots his second clip for the song "Heves", finally at the beginning of December his third clip, with the lyrics and music of Deniz Seki, at the same time. His duet with Seki, "I Don't Want to Be Sad", was clipped, and then his 2th single "Remodel" was released.

Dinçöz stated that his Arım Balım Peteğim program's expenses such as presenter and orchestra were not covered and filed a complaint for an execution proceeding worth 12 million liras. The court ordered the production company to pay 12 million liras. The right of complaint of the famous singer was taken away because neither Dinçöz nor his lawyer attended the next hearings and did not present any excuses.

Private life

She received a marriage proposal from Can Tanrıyar, the owner of Uçankuş TV, with whom she has been together since 1999, in the Beyaz Show program she attended on January 12, 2008, and got married in front of millions. The couple's wedding was done by the head of RTÜK at that time. Then the couple had a magnificent wedding at the Çırağan Palace.

In 2010, she divorced Tanrıyar in an eventful manner due to incompatibility. Dinçöz stated that he was subjected to physical and psychological violence by Can Tanrıyar and participated in Beyaz TV / If I don't say it on April 17, 2014, he said, “Save me from this man! He is beating me with a belt…” and asked for help.

He had a son named İrfan Aslan in 8 with his second wife, Serkan Kodaloğlu, whom he married on 2014 July 2015. On August 10, 2020, she announced that she was expecting a baby girl. The artist, who was expecting motherhood for the second time, lost her baby due to "neck bone malformation and thyroid disease".

Divorced with Serkan Kodaloğlu on March 15, 2022. The custody of the couple's joint child, İrfan Aslan Kodaloğlu, was given to mother Petek Dinçöz. Dinçöz got engaged to business manager Nida Büyükbayrakdar on 8 August 2022. On August 16, 2022, the couple got married in Beşiktaş.


  • It's Time for Love / Universal Music (2002)
  • You Are Not Worth It / European Music (2003)
  • As a Joke / Ozden Music (2004)
  • Doctor's Advice / DMC (2005)
  • Good Way / DMC (2007)
  • Frequency / Esen Music (2008)
  • What Do I Do Now? / Seyhan Music (2009)
  • Forget the Lie / DMC (2011)
  • Milat / Rock Music (2013)

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