Climate Change Action Plan 2nd Stakeholder Workshop Held in Malatya

Climate Change Action Plan Stakeholder Worker Organized in Malatya
Climate Change Action Plan 2nd Stakeholder Workshop Held in Malatya

Within the scope of Malatya Climate Change Action Plan, '2. Stakeholder Workshop' was held. The 'Malatya Climate Change Action Plan 2nd Stakeholder Workshop' was held, hosted by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, in order to propose solutions to the climate change problem affecting the whole world and to create an action plan in line with these solution proposals.

Speaking at the workshop, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Cevdet Atalan said, “As Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, we started the project to prepare the 'Malatya Climate Change Action Plan' as of 22.07.2022 with the instructions of our President. There was no such study before in our city. Considering the disasters and risks that may occur due to the drought, decrease in agricultural production, changes in precipitation regime and seasonal transitions in our city due to climate change seen on a global scale, within the scope of the climate change action plan, we give due importance to the action plan and adaptation studies in order to prepare our city physically for these conditions. made mandatory. We will complete our work on the scale of Malatya. However, with such an important global crisis, it is not important to deal with the work done in a few cities. It is essential to raise awareness of combating climate change in all our settlements, in all our cities and all over the world. Because we know that all living things on earth are facing the climate crisis. Thus, it will be inevitable to experience various losses in the biological sense. In this context, our workshops, which are one of the most important pillars of our climate change action plan, are of great significance and importance.

After the speeches, 'Malatya Climate Change Action Plan 2nd Stakeholder Workshop', Ankara University Science Faculty Chemistry Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Detailed information about the causes of climate change and the measures to be taken was given to the participants by Ali Sınağ.

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