It will connect 3 provinces to Istanbul! Work Continues on the High Speed ​​​​Train Line

Work Continues on the High-Speed ​​Train Line to Connect the Province to Istanbul
It will connect 3 provinces to Istanbul! Work Continues on the High Speed ​​​​Train Line

The work of the 'High Speed ​​Train' Project, which will connect the provinces of Edirne, Tekirdağ and Kırklareli to Istanbul and which is of great importance for the region, has come to an end. Istanbul- Halkalı The 229 kilometer stretch that will start from the station and end at Edirne Kapıkule station. Halkalı – The Kapıkule Railway Project continues with the construction of a viaduct in Edirne. Construction started in June 2019. Halkalı - Çerkezköy Railway Line Çerkezköy-The construction of the Kapikule section has reached the city center. In the works carried out within the framework of the project, which is thought out to the smallest detail, the Viaducts are built in a way that does not disturb the silhouette of cultural monuments.

The project, which will be implemented by taking into account all environmental measures such as protecting and reusing organic soil along the line route, making transitions for wildlife and manufacturing sound curtains, has already started to excite the citizens.

Halkalı - Çerkezköy Railway Line ÇerkezköyMore than half of the ongoing works in the area next to the Historical Tunca Bridge within the framework of the Kapikule Project have been completed.

While 229 kilometers of the 75 kilometer line is planned in Istanbul, 54 kilometers of it passes through Edirne, 40 kilometers of it passes through Tekirdağ and 60 kilometers of it passes through the provincial borders of Kırklareli.

With the project, Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ provinces will be connected to the high-speed train network and Halkalı- Travel time between Kapıkule for freight trains will decrease from 8 hours to 3,5 hours, and for passenger trains from 3,5 hours to 1 hour and 35 minutes.

With the project, which will be built as 153 km long double track, 200 km speed signaled and electrified, freight and passenger trains will be able to operate on this line. With the completion of the project, it is expected that the regional trade and tourism will be revived even more.

55% physical progress has been made in the project, and 76% progress has been made in infrastructure works. When the project is realized, an important work will be accomplished in terms of both freight and passenger transportation. The High Speed ​​​​Train Project is planned to be completed in 2023.

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