Violence is Normalized with Comedy Series

Violence is Normalized with Comedy Series
Violence is Normalized with Comedy Series

Üsküdar University Communication Faculty Radio, Television and Cinema Department Head Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer touched upon the effects of violent TV series and films on society.

Stating that television is the command center of the new epistemology in our age, Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer said, “Many expressions and ways of living are shaped by the direction of television. While the football match watched the night before or the drama of the young girl in the television series are the subject of daily conversations, they permeate our lives and become the determinants of many attitudes and behaviors. In fact, the characters in the TV series are role models for the society.” said.

As one psychiatrist put it in Neil Postman's book 'Television: Fun to Kill', we all build sand castles. Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer, “In the book, it is told that using the power of the image, television enters every house and creates a 'bye-ee' world. Everything seems possible in this magical world. However, this is not the case in real life.” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer continued her words as follows:

“These generations shape their lives through television. Although it is easy to make sense of life through the window of television, many problems are reflected in life. Chief among these is the idea that life outside the door is an unsafe place. Increasing viewership is the main purpose of television. For this reason, we can say that televisions benefit from conflicts while establishing the dramatic structure in order to maintain the watchability of serials. It is seen that violence has an important place in the construction of conflicts. Therefore, violence is not something that is desired, it is a phenomenon that is watched more because it is put into circulation more. Its effect also multiplies the usage rate. Therefore, the audience thinks that they watch more violent productions qualitatively.”

Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer said, "According to the results of the 'Violence in Television Broadcasts Research' conducted by RTÜK in 2020, 94% of the participants state that there is moderate or higher level of violent content in television broadcasts," and continued her words as follows:

“The World Health Organization divides violence into physical, psychological, economic and sexual violence. In the RTÜK's research, participants think that 75,4% of the TV series include psychological violence and 73,8% of them physical violence. The most disturbed content in broadcast content is; Images containing sexual violence with 61,6%, images with physical violence with 57,2%, images with economic violence with 57,6%, and images with psychological violence with 57,4%.

Pointing out that for the television audience, violence is not only circulated through drama, but also as a comedy and entertainment element, Assoc. Dr. Esennur Sirer said, “Violence mediated by comedy is shown as more endearing. A violent act in comedy-type productions on television. sözcük or a movement is put into circulation the next day, ensuring that it finds a place on everyone's agenda. It spreads to the unaware audience by mediating through social media," he said.

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