Current Data of Housing Market in 5 Big Cities Announced

Current Data of Housing Market in the Great Province Announced
Current Data of Housing Market in 5 Big Cities Announced

Turkey's expert real estate platform, Hepsi Gayrimenkul; examined the latest situation of the housing market in October. According to platform data, the stagnation in the rate of increase in rents continues. In October, while there was a stagnation in rental houses in 4 big cities, it was seen that the increases with a rate of 33 percent continued in Antalya.

It is possible to say that the rate of increase in housing rents, which has been increasing rapidly for a long time due to reasons such as inflation, intense demand and contraction in supply, has slowed down and stagnated in places. It seems that the activity in the Southern provinces will continue due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. When we look at the TUIK data; The number of residences sold to Russians and Ukrainians in the first 9 months of the year is more than 10 thousand. We can say that foreign citizens who buy and rent both directly affect the housing prices in these regions.

Counties with the Highest Increase in Antalya

In rental housing prices in October; Antalya district with the highest increase was Konyaaltı with 73 percent. The m103 price in Konyaaltı, which was 2 TL last month, increased by 73 percent to 178 TL. Muratpaşa, which was 2 TL in September, increased by 82 percent in September and was 2 TL in October. Kemer with 57 percent, Alanya with 129 percent and Kepez with 36 percent followed the order.

İzmir's District with Record Increase became 'Çeşme'

Looking at the data on a monthly basis; While Çeşme ranked first with 35 percent, Konak was second with 19 percent, Buca was third with 15 percent, Balçova was fourth with 10 percent, and Karabağlar was the fifth among the districts with the highest increase with 9 percent.

In Istanbul, the increases are close to each other.

The district with the highest increase in the metropolitan city was Maltepe with 15 percent. The average m97 price of Maltepe district, which was 2 TL in September, became 112 TL in October. Beylikdüzü ranks second with 12 percent, Üsküdar and Beykoz 11 percent, and 10 percent. Kadıköy district followed.

Bursa Highest Increasing Counties

Osmangazi, whose average m43 price was 2 TL in September, increased by 12 percent to 49 TL, and Nilüfer, which increased by 3 percent to an average of 53 TL.

Some decreases were observed in Ankara.

In addition to the stagnation of the rate of increase in rents in October, there are also decreases in m2 prices. The m2 price of Gölbaşı district decreased from 54 TL to 52 TL and decreased by 4 percent. After Gölbaşı, Altındağ and Keçiören were among the provinces whose average m3 price decreased by 2 percent.

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