'Kesikköprü Dam Protection Plan' Works Started

Kesikkopru Dam Protection Plan Studies Have Begun
'Kesikköprü Dam Protection Plan' Works Started

Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) General Directorate continues its work on the “Basin Protection Plan and Special Provisioning Project” that will protect water resources so that clean, healthy and high quality drinking water can be reached all over the capital.

Continuing to work on the “Basin Protection Plan and Determination of Special Provision Project”, ASKİ gave the start of the Kesikköprü Dam Protection Plan studies. With the project, it is aimed to provide clean, healthy and high quality drinking water to all corners of the capital and to protect water resources.

ASKİ General Directorate pressed the button for "Kesikköprü Dam Basin Protection Plan and Special Provision Project Studies", one of the dams used as drinking and utility water in the Capital.

Within the scope of the project, which was implemented in order to ensure the sustainable management of the dams providing drinking and utility water, the protection plan and special provision determination projects were completed for the Çamlıdere Dam and Gerede Işıklı Regulator Basins, and the Kurtboğazı-Eğrekkaya-Akyar Dam Basins, and special provisions were put into effect. For Çubuk-2 and Kavşakkaya Dams, the works within the scope of the project were completed, draft special provisions were prepared and the process had reached the final stage.

Works started in Kırşehir

In this year, action was taken for the protection plan and special provisioning projects for the Kalecik-Peçenek-Türkşerefli Dam Basins and the Kesikköprü Dam Basin. In this context; “Kesikköprü Dam Basin Protection Plan and Special Provisioning Project” studies started in Kırşehir Kaman Cultural Center Multi-Purpose Conference Hall.

While the opening speech of the project was made by ASKİ Deputy General Manager Yılmaz Şengül, ASKİ Head of Environment and Water Basin Protection Department Ümit Güven Ulusoy, representatives of stakeholder institutions, academics, experts and local people attended the meeting. At the meeting, informative presentations were made on the purpose, scope and activities of the project.

At the meeting, it is aimed to evaluate the characteristics of the Kesikköprü Dam Basin with scientific studies, to determine the protection areas and to determine the social, economic, physical, geological and chemical characteristics of the basin based on scientific data, as well as to determine the underground and surface water quality in the basin.

With the project, in which the whole process is planned to be managed with the participation of local people and all stakeholders, the current pressures and effects in the basin will be determined, and short, medium and long-term measures will be determined in order to protect and improve the water quality in the basin and to reduce pollution.

The main goal of the project, which will be carried out by the expert team of 19 people, is; It is aimed to improve the drinking water source in terms of quantity and quality and to prevent possible future negativities with the protection plan and special provisions that will emerge as a result of the determinations and evaluations to be made on the basis of the basin.

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