How to Export Contacts from Windows Live Mail?

Many people are switching from the Windows Live Mail application to the Microsoft Outlook program. Since Windows Live Mail was terminated, exporting files has become a little more complicated. It would be best if you migrated contacts in addition to emails while shipping or transferring data from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. You must also export the older contacts along with emails to retain the consistency of the emailing experience.

There is an efficient and reliable Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter you can use for this purpose. Therefore, this article might be useful for you.

MS Outlook's Advantages vs. Windows Live Mail

Microsoft Outlook is the way to go if you want a more feature-rich and powerful email experience. Windows Live Mail does not provide the same capabilities and advantages as Outlook. The following are a few of the main benefits Outlook has over Windows Live Mail:

Greater Search Power

Compared to Windows Live Mail, Outlook's search engine is far more robust. It makes it simple to find the information you're looking for.

More Choices for Customization

You can tailor almost every aspect of Outlook to your preferences. You can, for instance, modify how emails are presented or add or remove buttons from the toolbar, among many other things.

Better Support for External Accounts

Outlook makes it simple to add and manage email accounts with other service providers, like Gmail. On the other hand, Windows Live Mail only supports a few external versions.

Improved Security

Outlook has several powerful security features that help shield your email from malware and phishing assaults. Some of these crucial security features are missed to be added to Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail Exporting Using a PST Converter Tool

The fact that Windows Live Mail items are saved on the system in EML format is general information. Although the WLM can export emails to MS Exchange, the hierarchy is not preserved. Additionally, there is a considerable likelihood of data loss, necessitating familiarity with two email clients. The emails must be manually transferred and Drag & Dropped into a freshly created Outlook folder. As a result, it can be considered time-consuming and carries a significant risk of data loss. Therefore, using a qualified third-party tool is advised. Using a PST Converter, the process is as follows:

  1. Start the EML to PST converter. The hierarchical organization of your system's directories will be displayed. The folder containing the EML files can be located manually. If not, use the Find option to look for the EML files on your local drives.
  2. Click Browse to choose the source drive on which to look for EML folders. Click OK after choosing the source drive or folder.
  3. After all the folders holding EML files have been presented, choose the one you want, then click OK. After that, click the Save button to save the document.
  4. In the following window, you can define a conversion rule to store detailed data from your chosen folder. The option "Convert all items" is pre-selected if unnecessary. Choose Next.
  5.  You can specify a target path to save the converted PST. There might be several choices available for saving the data.
  6. The successfully converted PST file is saved in the place that was given. To complete the conversion, click OK.

Some Tips to Safely Transfer Contacts

If you want to export Windows Live Mail to PST  manually, keep in mind that the process is time-consuming, and numerous stages must be carefully followed. The entire set of data can be ruined by one error. It would help if you utilized an EML file converter for safeguarding the source content of the EML file to save your data during the conversion. It contains adaptive filters so you can pick just the contacts to convert, and it will convert the selected data to PST format. We have outlined the most effective technique to complete this task above.

Additionally, we advise using the program's trial version first. This will enable you to check the software's features and ensure it meets all your requirements. Download the program and address your migration issues if it appears to be helpful and functioning in your situation.

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  1. I tried OE Classic instead, it is much closer to Windows Live Mail than MS Outlook which is very large and blocked. OE Classic is lightweight and loads very quickly and has everything I need.