Combi Boiler Usage Tips for Savings in Winter

Combi Boiler Usage Tips for Savings in Winter
Combi Boiler Usage Tips for Savings in Winter

Pointing out that using the boiler correctly is important for both budget and sustainability, Vaillant gave tips on paying less bills while warming up in the winter months.

In today's world where sustainability is at the top of the agenda and energy costs are rising, saving is more important than ever. Focusing only on the air-conditioning sector and investing in this field and placing sustainability at the core of its business strategy, Vaillant reminds that while saving money, it can also contribute to a more livable world with some changes that can be applied in daily life.

According to the savings suggestions given by Vaillant, who works with the goal of “creating a better climate in our home and around us”; Condensing boilers significantly reduce energy costs. Condensing combi boilers provide higher efficiency by making use of the water vapor energy in the flue gas formed as a result of combustion. In this way, it is possible to reduce energy costs and emissions by up to 20 percent. When the condensing combi boiler is used with a room thermostat, this rate reaches up to 30 percent.

Using the combi correctly brings savings and comfort.

Emphasizing that correct use provides savings and comfort, and also extends the life of the combi, Vaillant gives tips on paying lower bills in winter:

Rooms should be heated according to their intended use.

“A higher warming comfort; obtained when all radiators are turned on and rooms are heated according to their intended use. The material of the building can also be damaged if parts of the building are not heated or are insufficiently heated.

Radiators should not be covered

The radiators are located in the room in such a way that the ambient air can easily enter the lower part of the radiator and move along the radiator and rise towards the upper part. For this, the radiator must be open around it.

Room temperature should be at the required level

The room temperature should be adjusted according to the value you feel comfortable and the purpose of use. For example, room temperature during the winter season; It can be adjusted between 22°C during the day and between 20°C and 18°C ​​at night. In addition, the temperature of rarely used rooms such as bedrooms can be below 20°C. Each degree above this represents about 6 percent extra energy consumption. It is also important that the combi is not switched on or off continuously, and that it is fixed at a certain temperature, both to ensure efficiency and to keep the safety equipment constantly on.

Equipment maintenance should not be neglected

Heating devices require cleaning and maintenance after a certain period of operation in order to operate efficiently, safely and reliably.

Maintenance and after-sales technical services must be obtained from the authorized service of the brand used. In this way, high spare parts and labor costs as well as possible wrong interventions can be prevented.”

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