The Foundation of Balıklıdere Bridge was Laid in Bursa

The foundation of Baliklidere Bridge in Bursa was laid
The Foundation of Balıklıdere Bridge was Laid in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which previously completed the Değirmenönü-Karapınar and Kaplıkaya Bridge in order to create an alternative route to the south of the Ankara-İzmir highway, has now laid the foundation of Balıklıdere Bridge, which connects Otosansit and Değirmenönü neighborhoods.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has put many investments into service such as rail systems, new roads, smart intersections and public transportation in order to produce radical solutions to the transportation problem in Bursa, gives a breath of fresh air to transportation with new bridges. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to create alternative routes especially to relieve the Ankara-İzmir highway from its loads, is creating a new route between Kaplıkaya and Kestel in the south of the road. On this route, the Metropolitan Municipality, which had previously connected the Değirmenönü and Karapınar neighborhoods with a bridge, completed the Kaplıkaya Bridge for the connection of the Siteler and Bağlaraltı neighborhoods and opened it to transportation. The foundation of the bridge to be built over Balıklıdere, which is located in the easternmost part of this route and separates Otosansit and Değirmenöne districts, was laid with a ceremony. In addition to Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa deputies Muhammet Müfit Aydın and Refik Özen and AK Party Provincial Deputy Chairman Mustafa Yavuz also attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge, which is 120 meters long, designed as 2 lanes inbound and 2 lanes going.

“Our love for Bursa”

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that Bursa has grown hormonally with the intense migrations it has received in the last 40-50 years. Reminding that issues such as transportation, infrastructure, housing and urbanization are constantly on the agenda of Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “Because there is no road crossing on Balıklıdere, which is located between Cumalıkızık and Değirmenönü neighborhoods in Yıldırım district, and the land is steep, the transition between the two neighborhoods is provided via the Ankara-İzmir Highway. . This causes traffic jams on the road. For this reason, in order to connect the two neighborhoods; We will construct a 20.60-meter-long, 2-span, 2-meter-wide, 4-lane, 120-way, 4-lane bridge. We aim to complete it in 4 months. We do not say, 'Our income has decreased, we cannot do business' like some people do. We trust our state and our nation. In addition, stream improvement works are carried out in Yiğitler, Şirinevler and Değirmenönü neighborhoods with the help of BUSKİ. With this work, Balıklıdere's bed will be arranged and floods that will occur on the banks of the stream will be prevented. Here, recreation, park, walking path and resting areas will be created. We will turn this place into an area that our people can use. Bursa is our love and our dream. I wish the Balıklıdere Bridge and the landscaping will be beneficial for our Bursa and Yıldırım district.”

Bursa Deputy Refik Özen said that he has a passion for the country, city and districts. Stating that for 20 years, they have accomplished both local and general works that cannot be imagined by anyone, Özen stated that they have resolved all the issues of Bursa in line with the expectations of the citizens. Özen thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the investment made.

Bursa Deputy Müfit Aydın congratulated the Metropolitan Municipality for the investment. Explaining that the services for the needs of Bursa are brought to the feet of the people, Aydın stated that they have no other desires than to do the service in the best way.

Yigitler Neighborhood Headman Ferhat Sarman thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the investment that will solve an important problem of the people of the region.

After the speeches, the first mortar for the bridge foundation was laid by President Aktaş and his entourage.

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