Black Sea's First Science Center Counting The Days For Its Opening

Counting the Days for the First Science Center in the Black Sea Region
Black Sea's First Science Center Counting The Days For Its Opening

75 percent of the 'Science Center and Planetarium' construction, which will be brought to the city by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and will be the first in the Black Sea, has been completed. President Mustafa Demir said, "When the center comes into service, it will provide a great advantage to young people who want to benefit from the opportunities of science and technology." Young people and their families, who are impatiently waiting for it to be completed, expressed that the center is a great opportunity for future generations.

Construction continues at full speed in the Black Sea Region's first Science Center and Planetarium project, which was brought to the city in cooperation with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) on the Samsun-Ordu highway Gelemen location. The 12 thousand square meter project will cost 27.3 million TL in total. 75 percent of the planetarium, which will be the best in Turkey with its latest system technological infrastructure on steel construction, has been completed.


Within the project, which will revive the region in every aspect, every detail has been specially designed for young people who are interested in science, technology and innovation. When it is put into service, every opportunity will be provided for young people to get to know themselves, realize their dreams, design and produce in the science center, which will be of interest to everyone from 7 to 70. In addition, the center, which will create a living space such as a botanical garden, shopping center and hotel, will make a great contribution to the education life of children in their own fields, especially in the education age. The building will also include a meeting room where training seminars can be held and an exhibition area where domestic and international exhibitions will be held.


Expressing that the project is the best investment made for them, the young people and their families also expressed that they are waiting impatiently for it to be put into service. Fatmanur Gemi, a student, said, “We see some things in theory at school, but seeing it in practice is something else entirely. Thanks to these centers, I think our horizons will develop even more. I think it is a very good project for us young people. The metropolis is on the side of the youth. Thank you so much. We look forward to its opening.”


Orçun Muhammet Çürtük and Mahmut Keşli said, “We see it everywhere. Samsun is the city of the future. These steps taken for our future are really good. We look forward to the opening of the center. We see it while traveling. Construction is going very fast. We think it will increase our interest in science. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality," he said.


İhsan Efe said, “It is a very well thought-out project for our children, who are our future,” and expressed his happiness that the Science Center is being built in Samsun. Efe said, “It is a proud investment for my city. I am also very happy for our children. Thanks to these centers, the horizons of our children will develop more. Because the salvation of our country is through science. It makes us happy to make such investments in it.”


Stating that all kinds of opportunities will be created in the Science Center for young people to develop themselves socially and culturally, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir noted that services for young people are at the center of all services and said:

“An investment in future generations is an investment in the future of our country. We carry out numerous studies for our youth to grow up and be very successful in the fields of sports, education, culture, art and science. In line with this goal, we are taking very important steps in every field, and we will continue to do so. The 'Science Center and Planetarium', which will be the first in the Black Sea region, is one of those works. Everyone from 7 to 70 will be interested in this center. It will open a different horizon for our youth, children and everyone living in Samsun, and lay a foundation. Construction is progressing rapidly. 75 percent complete. Our Science Center and Planetarium will be the latest system and the best in Turkey.”

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