Bicycle Path Network Befitting the World Cycling City Sakarya

The World Cycling City Befits Sakarya Bicycle Path Network
Bicycle Path Network Befitting the World Cycling City Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in the field of bicycles and to improve the conditions. The Traffic Branch Directorate teams affiliated to the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department (YOL-BAK) continue the renovation and repair work throughout the city, as well as the preparation of new roads. It started a large-scale renovation activity in Adapazarı Karaman Neighborhood to enable the citizens who use bicycles to use the most useful and beautiful bicycle network.

1 kilometer renovation

In the neighborhood, a total of 500 kilometer bicycle path network covering various points of the region, 500 meters going and 1 meters coming, has been renewed from the beginning. The 'blue roads', which are indispensable for bicycle cities, have been recolored and new pontoons have been nailed to the road levels. Work is underway for new bicycle routes in order to popularize the use of bicycles in the Yenikent Region and to ensure the safety of the citizens who use bicycles in the best possible way.

New bike path to the area

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, “We are working 7/24 to promote the use of bicycles throughout our Sakarya and to provide services worthy of the title of Bicycle Friendly City. We are in the field for the construction of new bike paths and the renewal of existing routes in line with the '500 kilometer bicycle network' target of our Metropolitan Municipality. Congratulations on the renewed bicycle paths and crossing areas in our Yenikent region.

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