Travel to Aktau: Planning Tips

istanbul aktau flight
istanbul aktau flight

Aktau is a young city in the southwest of Kazakhstan, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. People usually come here for business because oil and gas production is developing rapidly in this region. Recently, tourism has also been given importance as the city is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. If you go to Aktau, you will find many unusual things here.

Interesting Features

Instead of the usual street names in Aktau, there are numbered neighborhoods and houses. The city was built according to a functional master plan. There are skyscrapers, construction is constantly going on. The appearance of this region cannot be called purely Muslim. Most residents speak Russian and do not wear traditional clothes.

If you come to Aktau on vacation, visiting or on a business trip, be sure to find an opportunity to relax. of FlyArystan Airlines Istanbul – Aktau flights It regularly flies to the cities of Kazakhstan and from there to all over the world. The site makes it easy to choose a ticket at an affordable price and create a flight route with the exact direction. Places to watch in Aktau:

  • Beaches are the real pride of Kazakhstan. They are well equipped and popular with locals and visitors.
  • The embankment is a platform for long walks. Festivals and sporting events are regularly held here.
  • Museum of History and Local Culture – more than 50 thousand exhibits. Herbarium fund, exhibits of ethnography, archeology and others.
  • The Caravel monument is a new symbol of Aktau. Replica of Christopher Columbus' "Santa Maria" ship. It is covered with patina and its height is 12 m.
  • Akmyshtau valley is a natural attraction. It is surrounded by mountains of an unusual shape, formed as a result of soil erosion. The slopes of the peaks are covered with ancient drawings.
  • Sherkala Mountain is at the foot of the Great Silk Road. It is considered sacred. This picturesque place was often taken by artists and poets sang.

In addition to the above, in and around the city it is worth visiting the botanical garden, the museum-reserve, the valley of the balls and looking at the lighthouse.

Travel features

Please note that this part of Kazakhstan has very dry and hot summers. In mid-July, the temperature rises above 30°C, it can reach 45. In summer, the sea warms up to 22°C. Average values ​​in January range from +1 to -4°C. The weather looks cold with strong winds. There is almost no precipitation throughout the year.

The distance between Istanbul and Aktau is more than 1800 km. The flight will take about 3 hours. The cheapest time to fly is December, and the most expensive tickets are in the summer season. Knowing these features will help you plan your trip.

How to choose cheap flights

Tips to help you save:

  • Find the cheapest prices. Sign up for carrier notifications so you don't miss out on great deals.
  • Expand the date range. Or select the whole month to find the cheapest day.
  • Book flights using a mobile app or the company's official website. Specify additional services.
  • Meals on low-cost airlines are not included in the flight price. It is paid separately.

All flights from Istanbul land at Aktau International Airport. Book your round-trip tickets in advance, your trip will be more profitable.

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