TOKİ Canceled Kanal Istanbul 1st Stage Housing Tender

TOKI Cancels Kanal Istanbul Stage Housing Tender
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TOKİ canceled the tender for the 844 residence project that it planned to build in Arnavutköy for Yenişehir, which will be built around Kanal Istanbul. It was announced that the tender was canceled due to the fact that the submitted bids were far above the appropriation allocated for the construction.

TOKİ, affiliated to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, has determined the tender dates for the houses to be built in 4 stages in Arnavutköy Baklalı village on the route of the controversial project Canal Istanbul.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli; The tender, which was held on September 21, 2022 for the 844st Stage of 1 residences, was canceled by TOKİ. The reason for the cancellation of the tender was announced as "All the bids are way above the appropriation/approximate cost allocated for the procurement".

TOKİ also canceled the 5-stage housing tender, which it set the date for, at the end of 2021, for the houses to be erected in Arnavutköy.


On September 844, "Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required" decision was made for the 7 residence project to be built by TOKİ next to Kanal Istanbul, the tender of which was canceled.

Within the scope of the housing project, the tender of which was canceled, a construction of 115 thousand square meters was to be made in Baklalı Village. Area; It has the function of "Special Project Area and Urban Development Area" in the "Yenişehir (European Side) Reserve Building Area (Canal Istanbul Project) 1st Stage" development plans.

Within the scope of the planned project, 40 residences, 844 shops and 10 mosque construction and landscaping will be done in 1 blocks. The height limit of the blocks is 21.50 meters.


The cost of the project was calculated as 491 million 666 thousand 296 TL. Construction work was planned to be completed in 24 months. Kanal Istanbul passes 259 meters east of the project area. The area where the constructions will take place is located at the border of the long-distance protection area of ​​the Sazlıdere Dam.


The tender for the 716nd stage mass housing project of 2 houses to be built in the village of Baklalı for Yenişehir, which will be built around Kanal Istanbul, was held on September 13. The result of the tender has not been announced yet. The tender for the 621rd Stage of 3 residences was held on September 28 and the bids seem to be in the evaluation phase. The tender for the 826th Stage of 4 residences will be held on October 12.

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