TCDD Will Recruit 4 Public Workers


From the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise: 2 long-distance first officers and 2 long-distance Chief Engineers/Chief Engineers will be recruited to our Corporation's Vangölü Ferry Directorate.

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Our labor demand will be published in İŞKUR between 27.09.2022 and 03.10.2022.

The issues that candidates should know, the required documents, health conditions and school departments are listed below.


1- All announcements regarding the labor force demand (conditions sought, document delivery date/place, oral exam date/place, oral exam result) will be published in the announcements section of the TCDD website (

2- Candidates who will apply for our labor force demands to be published in İŞKUR must graduate from the desired department at undergraduate level.

3- Candidates; As of the deadline specified in our labor demand announced in İŞKUR, it is required to have Port Wallet (Seafarer's wallet), Seafarer (Line First Officer) Qualification Certificate, STCW Documents, GOC or ROC Competency Certificate and Seafarers Health Inspection Documents.

4- Applicants must submit the documents specified in the documents requested below to the Human Resources Department of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise between the dates to be published on the TCDD website.

A report will be drawn up about candidates who apply with missing documents or who do not meet the conditions specified in the announcement, and İŞKUR will be notified that their application has not been accepted.

5- Those who submit documents among the applicants, General Directorate of TCDD, Human Resources Department, Hacı Bayram Mahallesi Mah. Hippodrome Cad. No:3 Altındağ/ANKARA will participate in the oral exam between the dates to be published on the TCDD website.

6- In the oral examination of the applicants, by the members of the Examination Board; Out of 10 points in the skill area, including 10 points for written communication, 10 points for verbal communication and 20 points for observation-stress-problem solving skills,
1 points in the vocational field will be evaluated out of 2 points in total, including 2 question for the professional term, 10 questions for the professional construction material, and 50 questions for the vocational technical subjects related to the school they graduated from.
As a result of the evaluation, 50% of the average score given by the members of the examination board and 50% of the KPSS score will be taken and the success score and ranking will be determined.

Starting from the candidate with the highest success score, the number of original and the same number of substitute candidates will be determined as the number of workers requested.

7- It will be beneficial for the applicants to see the workplace they will work before applying.

8- Applicants will be able to apply for only one of our announced workforce demands.

9- Only male candidates will be able to apply for the labor demand announced by the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise as the workplaces are within the scope of dangerous and very dangerous workplaces and due to the nature of the job.

10- The First Officer of the Airline, who will work in our organization, will work subject to the Maritime Labor Law No. 854 and the contract fees will be determined by the TCDD Board of Directors.

11- Appointed candidates will not be able to request a transfer for any reason.

12- The probationary period of the First Line Officer, who is recruited pursuant to Article 854 of the Maritime Labor Law No. 10, is a maximum of 1 month, and the employment contract of those who fail within the trial period will be terminated.

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