Students will choose the menu at Anadolu University

Students will choose the menu at Anadolu University
Students will choose the menu at Anadolu University

Anadolu University, which has pioneered studies in many fields in the Turkish higher education system, continues its successful studies with the wide opportunities it offers to its students. Anadolu University, which offers nutritious menus for three meals at student-friendly prices, is implementing another application that will satisfy its students in cafeteria services. In this context, the lunch menu was presented to students' preferences with the "You Set the Menu" survey conducted on social media accounts for the beginning of the new academic year. The menu, which was determined by the majority of the votes of the students as a result of the survey, which was realized with pleasant and entertaining sharing, will be served on Monday, October 3, the opening of the new academic year. The questionnaire submitted to the students' voting was shared on Anadolu University's official Instagram address.

Rector Erdal: “Our students will determine the menu for the first day of each month this year”

Expressing his views on the application, Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal said, “At the opening of the academic year, we wanted to meet with them again with a menu to be determined by our students. This year, our students will determine the menu for the first day of each month, and we will meet with them and listen to their wishes and needs. I wish all our students a productive and successful academic year.” said.

Compliance with international cleaning and hygiene standards is one of the most important issues.

With its student and staff cafeterias, Anadolu University provides quality and hygienic service to all its students and staff throughout the year. In the cafeterias, where all employees work meticulously and meticulously, service is provided in accordance with international cleaning and hygiene standards in all production and service stages.

Delicious and quality food is served in modern facilities

Anadolu University, which cares about the healthy nutrition of students in a cheap way, does not compromise on the quality products offered in its meals, with its three-course meal service, breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is not available in many institutions. The dining halls, where delicious meals are served every day with experienced chefs, make Anadolu University proud in this area as well.

In addition, Anadolu University Food Production Center meets the food service demands of students and staff. While production is carried out in accordance with international hygiene standards in the center's modern facilities, menus with high nutritional value are produced in accordance with the healthy nutrition pyramid of the Ministry of Health. The entire production process in the center is carried out under the control and supervision of food production engineers.

Vegetarians and celiac patients are not forgotten either.

In the cafeterias, where a separate menu is created for vegetarian individuals, with daily or weekly automation, anyone who wishes can benefit from vegetarian dishes in the lunch menu. Students and staff with celiac disease who are sensitive to gluten can apply to the cafeteria directorate and benefit from the menu that includes special gluten-free foods.

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